Youtube Channels who rock the sketch platform.


Internet is getting a overwhelming crowd which is getting increased day after day causing the massively growing e-commerce sector to flourish in India. Companies like, and have already laid their foundation deep into the the market. These were the obvious strategy to enhance the finance over the electronic network. Another idea was the pay view idea. A website which earns bucks from the number of hits it gets over the website by the internet users over the globe. One such website is Which ensures quality content in return of readers who appreciate those write up, also it provides maximum assitance to the fellow BMS students over the nation by providing them key essentials for the course.

But now these ideas have become so popular that we see every other clan setting up such a website. So certain troops of individuals came up with a new quirky thing, which may also entertain people and fetch them quiet a good amount of cash. These troops decided to come up with skits and sketches for the viewers. They chose a settled platform for this to take flight, namely, This was actually a smart move by these troops as they got ready made audience on such a tube.

Youtube Channels who rock the sketch platform.

1. The Viral Fever Videos


Probably, the Viral Fever Videos have hit the target the most! They are a superpower on Youtube when it comes to Indian Viewers. Their so called ‘Qtiyapas’ are widely been viewed and are appreciated by the viewers. The master mind Arunabh Kumar has now also come up with many more ideas over the project.

2. All India Bakchod


All India Bakchod is unanimously the most professional sketch channel over Youtube. Maximum of their videos have fetched up more than five lakhs of viewers. They have came up with so many wide concepts which have shattered the views of the youths over the nation.

3. Bollywood Gandu


The joint venture between ‘Schitz en Giggles’ and ‘Culture Machine’ has together led to the foundation of this immensely talented sketch studio. Bollywood Gandu. Don’t get them wrong. They are a sensational unit who have target bollywood to deal with when it comes to sketches. Their Dope Weekly is also a hit among the viewers.

4. Trouble Seeker Team


Who doesn’t loves pranks? Specially where we are the third parties, we enjoy even crunch of it. So two highly charged up individuals thought of an ides, of coming up with Trouble Seeker Team who are not officially the best pranksters of India. Surpassing even the MTV Bakra and Chupa Rustum.

-Parth Dedhia

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