dance joke
  1. Ballet dancers are always dancing round on their toes. Why don’t they just hire taller dancers?
  2. Dancing is like a shower: one wrong turn and you’re in hot water.
  3. Where did the computer go to dance? To a disc-o! 
  4. What do ghosts dance to? Soul music
  5. Why don’t dogs make good dancers? Because they have two left feet!
  6. What do cars do at the disco? Brake dance 
  7. Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the disco? He had no body to dance with!
  8. What do you get if you cross an insect and a dance? A cricket ball! 
  9. Why do ants dance on jam jars? Because the jar says ‘twist to open’! 
  10. What do tired line dancers do? They Line Down. 

By Amit B

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