You Might Have Never Imagined In Your Life That Listening “Music” Can Be So Magical And Change Your Mood Easily


music change mood

Moods are something that can either brighten up everything or spoil everything. The most unpredictable thing about a human is their Mood swings. There are days when you feel happy even if there is no reason. Sometimes there are days you simply feel like crying and so on. Though these are mood swings and it is something very normal among human beings but there are also reasons for changes in mood.

 You might be angry due to some of your work reasons which can be calmed down by talking to someone or simply meditation. When you feel like crying you can cry out and feel better. The worse of all moods is when one is upset or sad or hurt they are all same thing with different names as the final outcome of it is sadness. Some people come out of the sad mood by making themselves busy or by simply letting the thing go that hurts them. There are many ways to deal with sad moods but sometimes nothing seems to work out. What is the option then? How can one change your Sad Mood?

One of the best ways to change your mood, not only a sad mood but any bad mood is through music. Music is a stress buster. It can work wonders when nothing else seems to work. Even in music there are different kinds of music and every person has his own choice of music. So let’s take you to the world of different kinds of music that will make your sad mood to a bright one.

Music that can lighten you up

  • Love songs

If you are missing someone very badly then the type of song that will bring smile on your face is Love Songs and it can be both English. For Example “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You “ or take any romantic numbers of Arjit Singh,the most recent one “KHAMOSHIYAN”. The music somewhere helps you feel your love very close even if he or she is far and you will surely feel better.


  • Pop Music

For some people, even pop music is like savior when they are sad. As everybody has own choice so some enjoy Pop Music with this every Michael Jackson or Madonna fans will agree. Their music plays miracles when they are upset for whatever reasons.


  • Rock Music

BLACK OR WHITE the very famous of Rock music still lifts our mood when we hear it. Then Celine Dion’s I’M ALIVE are the examples that clearly explains the effect of Rock music on people.


  • Dance Songs

There are many of us when we dance we forget all our worries and sadness. It helps us forget our sadness. This is what the dance numbers have effect on our mood.


  • Gospel/Godly Songs

Many among us totally have a different choice of songs. We don’t like rock, jazz etc but we enjoy Biblical Hymns and Gospel Songs. Many of us find peace when we listen to this kind of Music. It not only gives us the required peace but also changes mood within no time and we forget even that we were upset.


  • Bollywood Music

Most of us enjoy BOLLYWOOD BEAT. Even if we are very engrossed in work as we listen to Bollywood it just lightens up our mood and there will be very few among us who will not stop everything and listen to it for a while. Bollywood music has the power that fills us with energy and excitement so there is no doubt that it will change our mood.



Music speaks what cannot be expressed soothes the mind and gives it rest heals the heart and makes it whole flow from heaven to the soul”. When music has the power to change our mood then why cry and shed tears instead next time do turn to music no matter what is your mood. It will heal your hurts and keep you happy which indeed will keep people around you happy.

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