Sulking, recoils, frowns  and hatred. A sad life. Laughter, smiles, love and hugs. A way better one! You can have a positive life only if you keep a frame of mind so optimistic and devoid of frowns and anger. Don’t let negative thoughts creep in your subconscious.  If people try to put you down or annoy you just don’t give them any attention. I’m sure they will give in.

Life is  going to be nasty beast I’m sure. But if you look at the brighter side of things and keep going no matter how hard it is, you will surely reach heights of success. There is no stopping then. No stopping at all. Life is a gift so splendid and so unpredictable, appreciate it rather then grumbling about the smallest of things. Don’t always see the bad side of people.

Appreciate the fairly good stuff about them and see how it works for them and for you too. It’s only once that we live. But if we live properly, once is enough. Another important thing is to forgive easily and make peace with your past. If not for the other person, do it for yourself and again see how this works.

It won’t take much to smile at someone or to make them feel good about themself, Love and spread love. You rather be the reason behind  brightening up someone’s day then sulking and being so grumpy that no one wants to be around you. Do this for the people around you and most importantly for yourself.


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