I think its agreeable that if we don’t learn from history we would repeat it again.For example: If a person like Hitler borns back then now we will not ignore his acts may be we will take persistent actions to get rid off from him and his actions.


History is proof that has examples of people repeating the mistakes of the past. Many of those mistakes are being repeated in the world today.

This “law” is true whether it be on an international level, or a personal one. This is one of the things which is annoyable when said “We must let the kids learn from their own mistakes”.
Bull. If you love your children, you will hope to teach them to avoid that which is harmful to them by trying to let them learn from YOUR mistakes. Learning by one’s own mistake can often be too late, and you can be too dead to learn anything from it. Insanity is repeating the same mistakes of the past and expecting a different outcome.

But—— What if Orville and Wilbur Wright had paid attention to the history of attempts at flight? Would you be using the Internet if Gordon Moore had spent more time building a computer “the historically correct way” rather than designing the ridiculously tiny processor he developed?

How many of you would prefer the good old days of medicine to what we have now?
With all of the History majors the colleges crank out you would think that there wouldn’t be any more war, crime, or poverty if this were true. So it all depends on a person, his situations and the person on whom he/she trusts that whether history will repeat or not.

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I am Dhara Shah, a BMS graduate, a friendly person with a happy go lucky nature but cannot stand by lies in front of me, sometimes stubborn as well. I am fun loving kinda person and talkative too.

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