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There have been many great technological movies in Hollywood. From Hacking, to science fiction, to unbelievable gadgets there have been great achievements in tech movies. Here are 5 of my favorite movies which every tech geek should watch.

The Social Network

social network movie

It is the story of how the biggest social networking website Facebook was made. Being the popularity of Facebook, this film had to be made perfectly and as it turned out, it became one of the best tech movies ever. This is a movie an internet lover must watch as it is that good with great acting, punch lines, some tech stuff and worth watching it.

The Dark Knight

the dark knight bruce wayne

Wonder a superhero fictional movie winning Oscar, well Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise has been better than any other superhero franchise ever and the Dark Knight is at the top being the best superhero film ever made. This movie did contain a lot of science and technology. It was the first movie ever to be shot in Imax 3d. Christian Bale being the Batman character which some regard as the best batman alongside great Heath Ledger as Joker, this movie showed theatrical genius.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley


This is a biographical film of history of Apple and Microsoft. This movie is pretty educational about how the greatest invention the Computers, were made. It is a great movie for tech lovers and people who might want to know how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became super rich.



This is one of the most confusing but one of the best movies out there. This movie does not have any cool gadgets it is well beyond and deep into science. This movie is about lucid dreaming, Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) who has to convince Fischer (Cillian Murphy) to sell his father’s company in his dreams Cobb has to plant that idea deep inside Fischer’s brain.



Gravity is perfectly and accurately made space movie. Two great actors Sandra Bullock and George Clooney have done a great job. It is a movie about survival in the space and a great watch.

– Jainam Jhaveri

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  1. Vaibhav Sharma 6 years ago

    The Social Netwrk – excelent & epic

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