Why Having A Sister Can Be The Best Thing In Life?


best sister

Having a sister is like having the true soul mate of the same gender for the entire life. You can stand by them whenever the need arises, you can be the backbone, the boosting mechanism for each other. Sisters can rely on each other with strong love, trust and faith between them. Now let us see why having a sister can be the best thing:

  1. You can share anything with her: Having a sister can make you more comfortable to share anything with her without even thinking how shitty it actually is 😛 she will never judge you for your worst crushes to your dirtiest jokes, instead of that she will always support you for whatever you do.


  1. She is your true best friend for life: you can rely on your sister blindly and the same she will because of the trust and love between you both. You will stay by each other’s side always in storms and even on sunny days.


  1. She will knock out others who will try to hurt you: Having a sister can be like a protective safeguard around you that if anything ever happens to you she will surely make it better and will make sure that the person repents for hurting you.


  1. You can bitch about anyone with her: Having sister can also allow you to bitch about anyone you don’t like to her and she will never complain, despite she will hear you calmly and try to minimize your stress.


  1. You can share clothes: The most amazing thing can be sharing clothes with your sister so that you can enlarge your wardrobe and can choose from a variety of clothes.

 best sisters

  1. You can communicate with looks: You have such a wonderful chemistry with your sister that you can communicate with them with just looks, tell them what they are thinking and make funny jokes rather than people realizing what is going in their minds.


  1. You can borrow money from your sister whenever need: You can borrow money from your sister whenever required rather than asking your parents because you know you spend more than your pocket money sometimes 😛


  1. Helps you in shopping: Your sister helps you while shopping which colour suits you the most and tells you to buy things which looks adorable in you!


  1. She understands you better than others: As you spend your most of the time together sister is the only person who understands you better than others.


  1. You can bug her 24*7: You can piss off your sister 24*7 as you stay together, you can rely on her that she will get you back if something wrong you do, she will protect you and share the blame 😛


  1. Motivate you to move on from breakups: Your sister also helps you to move on from your bad breakups and tries to make you happy with her silly jokes or her tactics.


  1. Compliments you when you dress well or vice versa: Sisters are very true to each other, they tell you to your face without hesitating if you’re looking bad and they don’t stay back when they have to give you compliments 🙂


  1. She is the happiest person on your success: She supports you and even stands by your side. When you get success in anything she would be the first person patting your back and feeling overwhelmed with the situation.

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Archana Negi


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