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With regards to Research Methods in Business it is such a broad and lengthy portion to cover that most of the time it becomes difficult for us to remember the concepts at one go. So in such a case it will be advisable that you all read the concepts of the chapter one by one from the beginning of the semester. Which means that chapter one concept today and the next day chapter two and the process should go on. The day you finish the chapter again go back to chapter one and follow the process.

This also has an added benefit that when you are done with your concepts you can easily do the long ans as you know the base of the answer.

Try to focus on the initial one or two chapters because the things mentioned in them will get repeated in the entire syllabus.

In MR you will find both technical and non technical part so if it is no technical part then you can some matter and stretch the topic but in the technical part you will always have to mention whatever is given in the text as it is the reality that goes on in the market.

If you concentrate on this subject it is very interesting and also knowledgeable.



-Alisha Savla

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