The 21st century where people are moving with a speed of the cheetah; there are people who still live in the 18th century in their minds. One such is – “Oh! Kaali billi ne raasta kata liya; ab kaam nahi hoga”. When such situation is faced, people tend to change their path or wait for the next day.

In the 18th century people, people used to sacrifice a goat or a human in front of goddess to make them happy or as a gift for their accomplishment of work. Is this really what God asks from us? a sacrifice of living? of an innocent?

Now a days the babas who promises you – increment in wealth , a baby for the couple without child; are just making black money by inducing u .The babas of the 21st century has really got very modern where they promises you that they will fix you a boyfriend , they also perform puja so that you stay away from evil eyes , they tell you how you are going to die. I mean if they are super great then why do people believe in God?

While you get trapped into such believes and loose everything you have, the babas r already obsolete. Then you realize when the reality hits you hard on your face. One must not believe in myths. It only leads to destruction of our mind, body & soul.

We can have many real examples on this topic; but a very recent case which took place in March 2009 in Mira road. The tantric advised, a man to rape his daughter in order to increase his wealth.

Even the daughter’s mother supported her husband in this heinous act. Such acts, destroys the trust in the family. Such acts, not only destroys one family but it affects the country and the power to trust your family.

There are movies and television shows which helps us become alert so that we do not to lock yourself in such acts. One must be mature enough to understand the consequences of his bad times and should be firm & act accordingly. Animals must not be killed as they also have the right to live what if, they can’t share their pain we must understand.


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