Strategic Management Practice Question Paper Set 2


strategic management

The word ‘strategy’ is derived from an ancient Greek word ‘strategos’. Strategic management is the process of administering a company so that it continuously formulates and implements strategies. Strategy has 3 main elements – strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategy implementation. Strategic decisions are concerned with the scope of company’s activities, allocation of major resources, assessing the implications of change and the long term direction. Strategic implementation is all about resource planning, organization structure, people and systems.

Here we present Strategic Management Practice Question Paper Set 2:

Q.1) Explain the meaning or concepts of the following:

a) Value Statement

b) Return on Equity

c) Industrial Organizational Approach

d)Business Strategy

e) Acquisition and Merger

Q.2) a) Explain the steps of strategic plan.

b) Explain the concept of SWOT matrix

Q.3) a) Briefly explain the marketing strategies.

b) What are the measures of financial control?

Q.4) Discuss the interface between technology and business.

Q.5) a)Explain the process of environment scanning.

b) What are the various strategies adopted at the various stages of product life cycle.

Q.6) Write short notes on:

a) Responsibility Centre

b) Entrepreneurial Model

c) GE/McKinsey Matrix

d) Stars


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