Strategic Financial Management – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016


Strategic Financial Management – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

SN Modules No. of Lectures
 1  Dividend Decision and XBRL 15
 2  Capital Budgeting and Capital Rationing 15
 3  Shareholder Value and Corporate Governance/ Corporate Restructuring 15
 4  Financial Management in Banking Sector and Working Capital Financing 15
 Total 60

Strategic Financial Management – Syllabus Overview

SN Modules/ Units
 1  Dividend Decision and XBRL
a) Dividend Decision:

• Meaning and Forms of Dividend, Dividend-Modigliani and Miller’s Approach, Walter Model, Gordon Model, Factors determining Dividend Policy, Types of Dividend Policy

b) XBRL:

• Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages, Features and Users

 2  Capital Budgeting and Capital Rationing
a) Capital Budgeting:

• Risk and Uncertainty in Capital Budgeting, Risk Adjusted Cut off Rate, Certainty Equivalent Method, Sensitivity Technique, Probability Technique, Standard Deviation Method, Co-efficient of Variation Method, Decision Tree Analysis, Construction of Decision Tree.

b) Capital Rationing:

• Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages, Practical Problems

 3  Shareholder Value and Corporate Governance/ Corporate Restructuring
a) Shareholder Value and Corporate Governance:

• Financial Goals and Strategy, Shareholder Value Creation: EVA and MVA Approach, Theories of Corporate Governance, Practices of Corporate Governance in India

b) Corporate Restructuring:

• Meaning, Types, Limitations of Merger, Amalgamation, Acquisition, Takeover, Determination of Firm’s Value, Effect of Merger on EPS and MPS, Pre Merger and Post Merger Impact.

 4  Financial Management in Banking Sector and Working Capital Financing
a) Financial Management in Banking Sector:

• An Introduction, Classification of Investments, NPA & their Provisioning, Classes of Advances, Capital Adequacy Norms, Rebate on Bill Discounting, Treatment of Interest on Advances

b) Working Capital Financing:

• Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (Tandon Committee), Cost of issuing Commercial Paper and Trade Credit, Matching Approach, Aggressive Approach, Conservative Approach

Reference Books for Subject: Strategic Financial Management

Strategic Financial Management :~ 
1. C. Paramasivan& T. Subramanian, Financial Management
2. IM Pandey, Financial Management
3. Ravi Kishor, Financial Management
4. Khan & Jain, Financial Management
5. Van Horne &Wachowiz, Fundamentals of Financial Management
6. Prasanna Chandra, Strategic Financial Management

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