SFM Strategic Financial Management Question Bank for November 2017 TYBMS Sem 5 Exam



Unit 1

  1. What are the factors influencing dividend decision of any company
  2. What are the different types of dividend decision that the company can follow
  3. Numericals on :- MM model, Gordon model, Walter model
  4. What are the features of XBLR
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of XBLR
  6. Who are the users of XBLR


Please note:- Q1 would be based on Unit 1. 2 sums (dividend decision) and 1 theory(XBLR), attempt any 2 out of 3



Unit 2

  1. What are the various techniques of capital budgeting
  2. What are the factors influencing the capital budgeting decisions
  3. What is decision tree
  4. Case study:- Sensitivity analysis
  5. Sums on RADR, Certainty equivalent, probability techniques, SD and coefficient of variation, simple sums on capital rationing
  6. What are the merits and demerits on capital rationing

Please note:- Q2 would be based on Unit 2. 2 sums(capital budgeting and capital rationing) and 1 theory, attempt any 2 out of 3



Unit 3

  1. Explain the profit maximization and wealth maximization principle
  2. Simple to moderate sums on EVA, MVA, Nopat calculation,
  3. What are the common Corporate governance practice in india
  4. What are the different type of mergers and the reasons why companies merge
  5. Sums on mergers by MPS, EPS approach, Yield approach, Fair value, Terminal and enterprise value and NAV approach


Please note:- Q3 would be based on Unit 3. 2 sums(1 sum on EVA/MVA and 1 sum on merger and acquisition  and 1 theory, attempt any 2 out of 3


Unit 4

  1. What are NPA and how are they classified
  2. Elaborate on provisioning norms for NPA
  3. How are advances classified
  4. Usage of Basel 3 in the Indian Banking system
  5. Simple examples of computation on rebate on bills (journals and ledgers), treatment of interest on advances and NPA provisioning and classification.
  6. What are the types of working capital and what are the factors affecting working capital requirement
  7. What are the various approaches to manage working capital
  8. Simple sums on computation of working capital and MPBF application


Please note:- Q4 would be based on Unit 4. 2 sums (NPA provision and working capital) and 1 theory, attempt any 2 out of 3


Text books recommended

  1. Vipul- Arvind Dhond
  2. Sheth Publications

For any further clarifications or exam guidance, feel free to contact Prof Vipin Saboo on 9820779873 (call or whatsapp)

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