Relationship Status : It’s Complicated!


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There are many times in your life when you feel that you want someone but due to fear of losing them or spoiling what you have, we don’t give them commitment. Such constant bombarding of infinite inconsequential questions confuse us even more and such confusions compel us to make mistakes. One thing in world that confuses us to unimaginable heights is “RELATIONSHIP”! People say that without colors in your TV, it turns everything dull and pale, same is with relations. If they are full of colors they fill our life with love, peace and happiness. But if they are in the shade of gray, it fills your life with unaccountable pain and sleepless nights. Why does this happen? Why do our once happy relations turn gray?? Is this feeling related to you?? Does these words remind you of someone you loved dearly but couldn’t hold onto??? Is this what people call ‘It’s COMPLICATED’ means?? I don’t know but I surely want to figure out why does this happen. I hope by the way of writing this article, it helps you and me to unveil the reasons behind ‘It’s COMPLICATED’ status…

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 The deepest desire for each and every human being is to get importance. We hurt the most to the people whom we love the most and want them to be a part of our life. It is natural that we don’t give much importance to our parents our wife/ husband, girlfriend/boyfriend. Why does this happen? Relationships are just like solving a Rubik’s cube. It takes time to unfold and unravel, for us to get habituated to keep trying and trying and at last understanding how to solve it. Similarly in any relation it takes a while for us to understand and get used to the patterns of our beloved ones, to know their small demands, those things which make them happy / sad. We don’t give or get to give so much of our attention to our loved ones. The result of this avoidance is as deadly as a decayed tooth is! (Its there in your mouth and in sometime giving you unbearable pain but you are helpless). These decays slowly spread like viruses and make the sufferer lonely, unwanted. All he wants is affection, care, love, attention. After all his/her failed attempts to get importance from you he goes out in search of a sense of value and importance and wherever he finds care he starts to think that this could be chance for him to fill that empty space in his heart which he is longing, to quince its thirst for care affection but mostly, importance!

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There are many high profile relationships that are found under this category.  Selena Gomez and Justin bieber. She loves him. He loves her but he doesn’t give her what she deserves; importance. He doesn’t value her. This erratic behavior has caused a rift in between them.

Why does a girl/boy cheat on their partner? Is it the fault of the boy because he didn’t prove his love for her or was the girl only to be held for her wrong doings? Have you thought why does a beautiful love turn sour? Even the unsinkable ship sank the titanic why because water seeped into the ship and slowly and steadily filled the ship and gulped it down to its bottom. What is the ‘WATER’ in a cheated relationship? I believe in the saying “you cannot clap with one hand”.

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When you are unhappy with your partner, you long for love. Love you see can make you cross miles just in search of it. It can happen as such; you meet him. He loves you beyond this world. You fall for him too. You both are together. After few days into your fairytale love story, you start feeling, something is missing. You both start fighting. You are finally thinking that all this while you were living a lie. You meet another man. He makes you laugh. He holds you when you cry. You start developing feelings for him. You think that he’s the perfect guy and start falling for him too. It could just be a small infatuation but you don’t give it a second thought and rush.  You ruin your previous relation. It could have turned pretty good if you had given him a second chance but due to your haste everything was destroyed.

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Kristen Stewart had the perfect of perfect guy Robert but due to her small mistake she destroyed what she had with him. Every man doesn’t have that large amount of forgiveness to accept you back (few have the guts to accept you back) sadly, Pattinson wasn’t among them. He moved on!

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I had once heard this beautiful verse, it’s from Mahabharata. It says that when a content, happy and stable mind goes out in search of love, he will find his soul mate. But when an unhappy, unstable mind goes out in search of love, even if he finds someone, his relation will soon end in sorrow.

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As we come to the end of this article I would like to say a few words more, the best teacher to learn from is TIME! Be thankful to your past for teaching you all the lessons it did because what had happened to you back then; if it had not happened, you wouldn’t have turned into such a beautiful human you are today! Lastly life is surely complicated but only as much as we want to make it! We can always stop and think before we act.


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