Smoking Kills! Don’t Agree? These 8 Effects Will Ensure Your Agreement



Smoking is trending! While there are various other influences that can lead a person to be a smoker,peer pressure is one of the biggest . If a person or child in the group starts experimenting with cigarettes,which quite happens right after school or college these days,then it’s all too easy for others to get smoking because the smoker won’t smoke alone and the non smokers don’t want to be pictured as afraid to try something new or risky.

Smoking now-a-days has it’s own social rewards,people tend to start conversations by asking for a light,be it during breaks of office time or college.Also there is a thrill in breaking rules.It’s all cool if you’re a risk taker and you find it pretty amazing when you blow out smoke.Some people use smoking as their self medication in times of depression,stress or anxiety disorders.

So when there are these reasons to start smoking, there are definetly many more reasons to stop,because smoking is Lethal !

1) Effect on respiratory system:


It causes permanent damage to the air sacs of the lungs,causes breathlessness and reduced lung function due to narrowing of the lung airways and excess mucus in the passage. smokers lungs.

2) Effect on circulatory system:

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 The blood carries less oxygen and rises the blood pressure and heart rate.It makes blood ‘stickier’,which is more prone to clotting.It also damages the lining of the arteries and reduces blood flow to fingers and toes.There is an increased risk of heart attack or stroke due to blockages of blood supply. circulatory system.

3) It affects the immune system:


 It causes increased chances of pneumonia and influenza,also makes one lethargic and lowers the level of protective antioxidants in blood. immune system.

4)Premature aging:


Smoking deprives the living skin tissue of oxygen,it leads to the classic smoker get wrinkles around the mouth.Smoking causes darkening of lips and a dull face with deep wrinkles and leathery texture .Skin-and-Hair.

5) Impotence:


Smoking causes genetic damage and higher percentage of deformed sperm.A man who smokes has relatively a lower sperm count,it affects the flow of blood to the vessels of reproductive organ.Whereas,in females smoking causes reduced fertility,irregular menstruation and increased risk of cervical cancer. impotence.

6) Reduces your capability to smell and taste:

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Smokers generally sense their noses smelling like an ashtray.A research says that smokers can’t appreciate the taste of many foods as intensely as they did before. Taste-and-smell.

7) It affects the baby:


Smoking can lead to risk of miscarriage,still birth and premature birth.Improper growth and development throughout the lifetime,also the child is prone with an increased risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure if the parents continues to smoke after a year of giving birth. affects on baby.

8) Diseases caused by long term smoking:


Ulcers of digestive system,

coronary artery disease,

heart disease, attack and stroke,

Gangrene and amputation,

Cancer of lung, mouth, nose, tongue, throat, pancreas, kidney, cervix, stomach, liver, ovary, bladder and bowel. diseases caused by cancer.

Pranchal Joshi


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