5 Most Common Health Issues of Women In India


women's health issues

A woman selflessly dedicates her entire life to her family. From the day she is born to her last breath, she lives her each and every single moment thinking about her family. She tries her best to keep every person happy in the house. She takes care of everybody and looks after their needs. She gets up early in the morning and goes at last on bed, spends her entire day satisfying each one’s daily needs. She does for everybody. Does anybody really think for her? When someone in the family is sick, she takes care of the person day and night and nobody has to even tell her that he/she is not keeping well. She comes to know all of it without a single word. But when she is unwell nobody really notices as everyone is busy in their own individual life. At the same time she is a person who only bears everything quietly and doesn’t want to disturb anybody because of her. Do you know the problem she faces? The number of Health problem she goes through which affects her both physically and mentally. Do you know the Heath Issues a Women faces? Have you heard any of them?

5 Most Common Health Issues of Women

Heart Problems

This is common both in Men and Women but Women suffer Heart Problems much more than Men and the most common reason for it is the stress which is a reason for most of the Health Problems. Many of the Women even die due to Heart Disease.

Breast Cancer

This is the most common reason for Death among Women Today, as many Women are not aware of the Disease and it causes and Symptoms. The most obvious reason for Breast Cancer is Obesity, Family past history, Alcohol etc.


It is pain in the back, hunched backs, Joint Pain. This pain was common in aged Women but today Women of all age suffer with Osteoporosis.


This is common problem with Women of all age and there are innumerable reasons for Depression. It can be family issues, financial crisis, Pregnancy and much more. Since Women are considered to be more emotional they keep everything to themselves the accumulation of all of which leads to Depression.You can see every second or third women facing Depression issues.

Menstrual Cycle

This is something which every woman goes through after a gap of 28 days. Many Women go through a hell of 6 OR 5 days due to the pain they suffer during Periods. Many other get a lot of Pain when it is the Menopause Closing days. Some Women even compare the pain to labour pain as the pain at times is that bad?


So do care for your Mother, Sister, Daughter and Wife as they suffer a lot but will not let a word of pain from their Mouth but bare it all silently.


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