Maggi Noodles ka yeh jo masala hai,

isme jane kya dala hai,

saare India ko jode yari mein,

khushion ki rishtedari mein.

maggi maggi maggi…!

Didn’t you sing along while reading this in that same tone? Well yes. Over the years, this snack has gone from being our childhood buddy to having it placed among the street foods in India. A munching snack which almost no one criticizes, a dish which people of ages can eat; it is one of the universal solutions to the hunger pangs.


Maggi has zero error effect when it comes to cooking. Even a novice cannot go wrong with it. If at all you burn it, you should probably drown yourself in the vessel you were trying to cook in! A dish which is certified by all the Indian moms; It’s something that just took over India like a revolution.

Sudden house party tonight? Not in the position to cook or order something? Maggi is to the rescue!  Ill-timed pangs of hunger, while working late nights or early mornings, or when you have lauki or karela for dinner, maggi is the solution. It is as versatile as parathas; you can add your own twist and taste to have the most delicious dish in the world. It is a synonym for sharing. Remember the times, when you have taken it in your tiffin and mobbed by the classmates? No wonders, it is known as National Food of our country!

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, or from a desolated island to a place 10,000 ft above sea-level, no matter where you are, a maggi wala will always be in your vicinity. Kids love it, college students swear by it, people staying in hostels live on it! It is simply awesome—after all, which is the other tasty dish which people with severe toothaches can afford to eat?

You can pay anything to grab a bowl of soupy maggi. There is probably something so satisfying about putting the fork in the bowl and then slurping up the noodles.  Happy Eating!

-Tanvi Shah

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