Honestly, It Doesn’t Take 20 Years To Visit These 3 Super Awesome Places. Know Why?



We all have that one wish in our hearts which we know cannot be fulfilled easily. Why one, there are quite a few unfulfilled wishes in our hearts which we wish would be fulfilled! What are a human beings general desires lets sum it up in a list:-

  • 1 big house
  • Best convertibles
  • Best mobile phones
  • Best laptops
  • Best accessories
  • Best clothes
  • Best food
  • Best entertainment
  • Best holidays, etc.

Okay now the reason I have used the word best over here is because if we are offered 2 phones one is of the brand – Micromax and other is of – Apple which would anyone prefer? Of course Apple why? Every single being knows the answer to this question that’s because it is expensive, its status is something, it considered as the phone rich people use, and of course it is considered as the best phone!

Now to fulfill this long list it will almost take atleast 20 years of your life and your energy only then that time of your life will come when you will not have to think before splurging! After you are successful in life and you have fulfilled all your said and unsaid wishes you would like to visit places that will restore your peace of mind and rejuvenate you and your energy.

So let me suggest you one of the best relaxing places of the world where one should visit atleast once in lifetime and they will not regret the same follows the list:-

  • London

It is a cosmopolitan city. And the culture of the city is a mix of both traditional and modern culture.

  • Paris

Alas! One of the best cities in the world! You will definitely fall in love with city and would want to visit the city again and again! You can shop your heart out in this city.

  • New York

You will surely enjoy the distinct feeling that this beautiful city gives you.


One can visit the world but the above mentioned are must on every list!

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Afifa Qureshi


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