International Finance Prelims Question Paper 1 – Vipin Saboo Tutorials


International Finance- Paper 1

Both sections are compulsory. Solve any 3 questions in section 2

Section 1

  1. Concepts (3×5=15)
  2. Read the case and answer the questions below
    • BIS
    • Petrodollars
    • Official settlement concept
    • ADR/GDR
    • Types of contracts

The Asian financial crisis was a period of financial crisis that gripped much of Asia beginning in July 1997, and raised fears of a worldwide economic meltdown due to financial contagion.

The crisis started in Thailand with the financial collapse of the Thai baht after the Thai government was forced to float the baht (due to lack of foreign currency to support its fixed exchange rate), cutting  its peg to the U.S. dollar, after exhaustive efforts to support it in the face of a severe financial overextension that was in part real estate driven. At the time, Thailand had acquired a burden of foreign debt that made the country effectively bankrupt even before the collapse of its currency.  As the crisis spread, most of Southeast Asia and Japan saw slumping currencies, devalued stock markets and other asset prices, and a precipitous rise in private debt.

  • Explain the concept of Hot money with context to the above case (3 marks)
  • Why is FDI important to any country(3 marks)
  • What is the difference between FDI and FPI (2 marks)
  • Explain convertibility of a currency with reference to the above case(2 marks)


Identify if there is any arbitrage opportunity in the sum below

USD/INR Spot    50.1245

3 month USD/INR Forward          50.1267

USD Int rate:- 3%pa        INR Int rate:- 4% pa


Section 2 (solve any 3= 10 marks each)

3a. Factors leading to growth of euro currency market

3b. What are the features of bretton woods system

4a. How can a country correct the balance of payment position

4b. What are the different methods of Hedging.

5a.  Find the best alternative to invest 1 Million INR for a period of 3 months

Currency         Spot         Forward Int rate
INR     5-6%
USD/INR 54.1123/33 54.1221/45 3-4%
GBP/INR 80.2378/02 80.5543/68 2.5-2.8%
EURO/INR 77.8766/99 77.9214/67 3-3.5%

5b. For the following quote, calculate Spread, Spread percentage, mid rate and inverse rate AUD SGD 1.5567/04

6a.  Compute the arbitrage if any EUR/USD = 0.8631, EUR/GBP = 1.4600 and USD/GBP = 1.6939.

6b. Spot USD AED 3.7584

USD Int rate:- 3% pa

AED Int rate:- 4%pa.

Find the 3 month forward rate and hence find AFM as well.


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