How To Stay Just the Way You Are?



When I see the movie Queen and Jab we Met and see characters, and see people liking them just the way they are, it makes me think that it is good to be just the way you are.

In movies everything works out well for the characters whether it may be the really nice ones or the bad one. Life is not like that.

Being too nice can create problems.

If you are too nice to people, at some point people will take advantage of you and will take you for granted.

It is not always behavioural, sometimes it is taste and preferences.

But then, How to change one’s behaviour or Taste and preference and how to maintain your individualism?

Changing a person’s behavior is difficult because you are growing up like that. But if the change is for good why not try to accept the change.

Being just the way you are and not changing at any point even if it is for good then it will put you in loss.

Do not change if you think if your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you to do so, If he/she doesn’t like your fashion don’t change for them, If you like veg don’t change it to non veg if some ones tells you to do so.

You live by you own rights and choices. No one has a right to tell you to change if you don’t want to.

Do not compare yourselves with others and stop caring if how you are getting perceived by other people and very important stop trying to be a people pleaser.

Treat yourself the best you can, Be surrounded by positive people, follow your own style and develop being individualistic.

These are the best things one can follow to be just the way they are throughout.

Sometimes good people advice you to change some things about yourself , they might be behavioral things but if they are beneficial to you do change.

As sometimes experienced people can guide you well when it comes to behavioral things.

Try not losing your identity in this world. As this identity make you unique in this world.

I know there are many situations which will change you during the life time, I have changed, but try to keep that special something about yourself with you always.

Be just the way you are and enjoy the gift of uniqueness.





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Saniya Rane

I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.


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