We Live in a country which is bounded by many customs, traditions and diversities. People who are superstitious can be found almost anywhere.

I have met people who believe in jinx, and people who strongly follow these traditions and superstitions.

Most of them are man-made and lacks science behind it. In India, we say that there is something said by the elders are true which has the history evidence to it. 

I believe everything happens for reason. If a cat crosses the road in front of you it is just passing its way, but people make an issue out of it, like that is a bad omen.

Like this there are many examples you can find. Some of them are just so unrealistic.

People are scared of bad omen, But they don’t understand that some-things in life are fated and destined. 

No one can change anything in this life if it is bound to happen. If you are destined to get something so you will get it no matter what and vice versa.

This scared factor of people has given birth to the idea of superstition

Superstition can be for good omen and for bad omen. We all have heard from some or the other superstitions at least once, from our parents or from our grandparent’s mouth.

Guys, try to be realistic in life than believing in superstition. Always try to ask the question why is this happening and for what, and if you get a logical answer to it then believe it, if not then absolutely don’t believe in such things.

I believe you can get answers to any questions these days except for few.

 These superstitions have answers to them. Try to find that to know better. There some superstitions which were meant for good omen but then they were shown and told as bad omen. This was because of many reasons.

One usually finds people who strongly believe in superstition in village and in backward areas. Nowadays you even find it in cities. 

Try to be logical and sensible before believing in such things. 

They can be very misleading. 

Many people find superstitious people very illogical, due to the belief they have in such things.

Be practical when it comes to things like this and don’t follow them blindly. 

Avoid belonging to the category of scared people, because usually people who are scared are the ones who follow superstitions.

Be realistic, logical and sensible and don’t forget about destiny which is oblivious by such things.





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I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.

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