Q.1) Any specific tips that will help understanding the theory subjects better?

To understand theory subjects, first you have to just read the whole topic and then recollect the main points from the topic. If possible try to write the points on the paper. In this way, the topic will be ready for the exam.



Q.2) Is there any recommended books? Do students have to write same as textbooks or they can write on own? 

There are many publications in the market for theory subjects. Whichever suitable book students like to refer, they can. At the same time, they can refer to reference books also. Yes, students can write answers in their own words but points should be same as given in the textbook. Preferably, students can include examples in theory papers which gives weightage to their answers and even increases their marks.



Q.3) How to solve case studies? Is there any right or wrong answer? Is there any format for case studies?

Yes there is a format for writing the case study.

You can check it here : Tips to crack HRM case study



Q.4) How many pages to write for long answers? Is there any method to follow to get maximum marks in theory subjects?

Students have to write the points with explanation. For 5 marks, minimum 75% of 1 page.

There is no rule as such to get maximum mars. All points should be covered in the answer.



Q.5) Any important chapters / units? Any way to write / attempt answers?

All chapters or units are important. Refer to previous years papers.






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