Tips to crack HRM Case Study


The Case Method:

A case is a written document, a description of an organisation, an event, an incident about an actual or imaginary business situation.  It contains the facts or history in the backdrop of internal and external environment. Cases are usually based on matters gathered about real or imaginary organizations. Sometimes, fabricated cases are developed. The decision or analysis, a student is expected to make is based on :

  • Logical understanding of the fundamentals
  • Clear understanding of the case
  • Personal opinion based on analysis, assumption and decision making ability.



The following check list is given to enable a student develop a quick approach for case analysis:
1.      Carefully glance through the material.
2.      Try to catch the general idea by reading the case as a whole.
3.      Comprehend the case perspective.
4.      Make mental notes of important facts and ideas.
5.      Arrive at some preliminary formulation of the problem.
6.      Grasp the relevant facts and firm up a logical and orderly relationship between them.

One must remember that one is not aspiring to perfection, but is developing analytical capability for problem solving. The following practical guidelines will assist in the case analysis:

  • For analysis of facts, the following suggestions are offered-

1)      List of facts should be prepared in a logical manner,

2)      If any assumption has been made, it should be clearly stated,

3)      Quantitative analysis should be done with the help of statements, charts and  graphs wherever necessary.

  • Main questions to be answered should be identified and questions, which need to be answered to tackle the main questions, should be stated.( pl. relate your topic knowledge with the case and answer the questions)
  • Criteria for the decision should be determined keeping in view the main objectives.

Special Note for HRM Case Study :

1.      Allocate 30 minutes for the case.
2.      Suggested time break down:
1st reading of the case                                                 05 Minutes
Writing analysis/Facts of the case                             05 Minutes
2nd reading of the case                                                02 Minutes
Writing answers of the case                                                   15 Minutes
Write conclusion of the case                                      03 Minutes
Total :                           30 Minutes

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Seema Sawant

Prof. Seema Prabhakar Sawant has 18 years experience in Corporate Sector and then she joined teaching profession in 2004. She was ex-BMS Coordinator of Shri. Chinai College of Commerce and Economics and currently a full-time faculty at Valia College. She teaches HRM, IMTP, Service Sector Mngt., Special Study in Marketing, International Marketing, Production Mngt. & Materials Mngt. Productivity & Quality Mngt., EXIM, Marketing Mngt. Strategic Mngt., Bus. Aspects in Banking & Insurance, Management Accounting, Business Communication, Industrial Law POM, Financial Accounting in BMS & even HRM & Marketing in Banking in BBI, Global Capital Markets in BFM, Financial Accounting- II for BAF etc..


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