Risk Management – TYBMS Question bank 2018


Risk Management

Unit 1

  1. What is Risk and explain the risk management process
  2. What are the types of risks
  3. What is the significance of a risk organisation
  4. What is the difference between risk management and risk measurement.
  5. Explain the diversification and immunization strategy to mitigate risk
  6. How is risk measured (alpha, R2, beta, SD, Variance etc)
  7. Explain the simulation and duration analysis as a tool to mitigate risk
  8. Simple sums on weighted beta, SD, X Cube average, etc.


Unit 2

  1. How can derivatives like futures, options help to mitigate risk
  2. How can swaps be used to reduce risk
  3. Explain the arbitrage theory
  4. Elaborate on the Markowitz risk return theory
  5. What is ERM and what are its benefits
  6. Explain the ERM matrix
  7. What is the difference between ERM and Risk management


Unit 3

  1. Explain the three line of defence to reduce risk
  2. Explain the role of various stake holders in the risk management process
  3. What is risk assurance and what is the nature of risk assurance
  4. How can effective corporate governance help mitigate risk
  5. What is risk governance and elaborate the scope of the same.


Unit 4

  1. Critically examine the role of IRDA in insurance
  2. List out the role and importance of an appointed actuary
  3. Elaborate the concept of reinsurance, bank assurance and Alternate risk transfer
  4. What is the significance of insurance securitization
  5. What are the factors affecting the pricing of insurance policy
  6. What are the various types of life and non life policies
  7. Elaborate on the claim process of life, fire and marine insurance
  8. A basic simple sum on discounted expected claim cost

For any further clarifications, please feel free to contact Prof Vipin Saboo on 9820779873

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