Guys, have you ever experienced a period when you have sleepless nights? I have experienced it myself so I wanted to share with you all what you can do in such situations and how you can overcome it.

Having a Good night sleep is very important as it plays an important role in our daily lives. 

It is a part of our cycle, if it gets disturbed it can cause us trouble. This trouble is usually related to health.

Not having proper sleep deteriorates your health. You may feel giddy or weak or you may have a headache and many other health problems. Not sleeping at night may also affect your appetite.

So having a nice 8 hour sleep is important.

I go through such phases in my life where I don’t get proper sleep. There are reasons to this like stress, studies and sometime there is no reason at all.

During such times I tend to do things which can put my mind into a peaceful mode.

Once your mind is in peaceful mode, sleep will take over you quickly.

The ways you can bring your mind to a peaceful mode are :

1. Reading

Read your favorite novel if you want to sleep early. Now you guys can think that when we are studying, we are also reading. But guys, when you are reading a text-book or anything related to studies it does not bring your mind to peaceful mode. It will most of the times make you worry about I have to study more or I have not finished my studies and things like that. And such thoughts won’t let you sleep at night.

So reading something that you love will make your mind less stressful and more peaceful

2. Listening to Music.

I love listening to music in general. During times when I can’t sleep Music works best for me.

Put on some instrumental music in your room on a low volume. It will help you with the sleep.

A soothing music will always make you sleepy. There are even instrumentals of Sleeping music on Youtube. So you guys can check it out if you want.

3. Get a bath.

People having trouble sleeping at night can also take a warm water bath. If you have bath tub at your place take a bubble bath at night. It will be so much soothing and peaceful for you all. 

You can also take warm shower, Trust me guys taking a bath at night is the best sleep inducer. 

You feel relaxed and peaceful.

You can ask your mom to give you a head massage at night which will also help you.

These are the three basic ways one can do to get over with sleepless nights. There are many other ways but I thought people will enjoy doing these than the rest of the methods.

Friends, getting a goodnight sleep will make your mind fresh and the work you do more productive. Most importantly it will always keep you healthy and fit.

Do not let stress take over your sleep. Do not let unnecessary thoughts come to your mind

Try these ways of overcoming your sleepless nights and you will always be happy and healthy.




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I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.

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