Happy Friendships Day!


Its Friendship Day today and people are looking for quotes and sayings to give their friends cards or even send an email, quick text, or message over Facebook. Apparently, it is also too mainstream to talk about friends, their importance in life, friendship day, blah, blah, blah! But, I still choose to write on this auspicious day for all those ‘items’ & ‘Only Nangs’ in my life!


Friends are not only confined to people from your school, college, university or work; they can be anyone, your parents, siblings, relatives, neighbours or maybe even your professors. At times we don’t even realise how our biggest enemies turn out to be our best friends!Fortunate are those who have a fusion of friends and family as Friends. Friendship attains its complete realization where comradeship is complete, in a common life. Friends are the family we choose and the character we portray!


A friend is one who is with you since forever; a lifelong bud that stirs fond feelings and cherished memories; who knows you the best, who resembles you in every way. He is the fitness freak, narcissist and so very self-obsessed but you still want him to be your companion even when he takes all the credits for himself. He is the one who counts the days of your friendship, bears your mood swings, asks you to like his photographs on Instagram and turns out to be your ‘Kafi Acha Dost’. He is the one whom you fall in love with and then break-off.  He is the one who is younger to you and you can talk to him about the fictional characters as if they were real and still have him think that you are sane. He is the comic relief; who can make you smile and dance to the music. He is your fashionista and your mutual feeling friend. He is the life coach who helps in reinvigorating, peppy talks about present and future. He is the risk taker, who includes you in provoking new ideas, philosophy, and guidance, brings out the best in you and explores. He is the one with modest height and with whom shopping is prolonged. He is one who is as quiet as a mouse and with whom you can sing crazily during anytime of the day. He is that NRI friend with whom you can have all sorts of talks and who comes home to have lunch with you.  He is the one who cracks stupid jokes and who is the ‘chupa rustam’ kinda bud. He is the one who is driving as if he is on the race-track but you know within yourself that you are reaching home safe with him.  He is the one with lot of ego and attitude but he is the one you can call up at 4 am, if needed. He is the one who shares your birthday month and also your waist size! He is the one who bakes cakes and cookies and gives you an extra bit everytime you go to his place. He is the one who is totally opposite to you – in terms with culture, place, and state & makes you learn everything on a macro level and then you tend to adopt the same customs and start following it! He is your senior at work and very co-operative even when you don’t submit your work. He is just your internship colleague who calls your belief stereo-types!


So, cheers to all those who are a part of my life. They are “The Ones,” the ying to your yang, the jelly to your peanut butter. Thank you for acknowledging all my ideas, even the worst ones; for being my estate, for being my assets and for being my FRIENDs!

Happy Friendships Day!

-Tanvi Shah

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Smita Singh


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