Best Friend


Who is a best friend for you? What does that person mean to you? Does their existence in your life holds worth anything? What can you do for your best friend? What can your best friend do for you? The lucky ones who have a best friend will have one common answer to this question i.e. MY BEST FRIEND IS THE BEST LIVING BEING PRESENT on this EARTH AND WE CAN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING FOR ECH OTHER! Isn’t it a wonderful relation? It isn’t necessary to have a best friend or you will find one. You can never consciously find a particular person and then name your relation. It is a very unconscious decision. And years after you already have taken it you realize that you‘ll have turned from just friends or good friends to the best of friends!

 My best friend is KHADIJA QURESHI. We have been together since eighteen years {touch wood} hope to remain friends for life and after life also. Along with being my best friend she is also a cousin sister to me which only by worldly relations as we both consider each other as more than real sisters. When we were small we never fought with each other, in fact we have been the best kids in our family and have successfully set an example for our younger cousins. One example of our friendship which even our families have remembered all these years is that – “when we were in 1st standard and had gone out together with our respective families during our vacations she was suffering with cold and cough and doctor had advised her not to eat chips and ice-cream and that’s something I love and cry for it even now when I don’t get but because she was not allowed to have it even I sacrificed it till she was in the pink of health, and then after 2 days when she was alright we both hogged .”

Best Friend

As time passed we turned into best friends and in 8th standard we realized that we actually have one relation with each other than being just cousins. Khadija is a big scholar when it comes to studies. She looks beautiful. Her nature is sweet but when you act smart she is not the one who spares people.

Everything has a flip side and our friendship also had a bad phase as during our junior college days we started fighting a lot. Funny but true because of difference in our thinking processes! But we have successfully overcome even that phase and continue to remain best friends. We were born in the same month in the same year the only difference is that she was brought into this world 8 days before me. She was born on 2nd august and there is no birthday that we have made without each other’s presence.  

Last but not least we have been together in all good and bad moments!

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