Ganesha Classes Business Ethics Prelims Question Paper 2014



   2 ½ Hours                                          Ganesha Classes                              Total Marks:75


N.B.:      1)      Q.1. to Q.4. having internal option.

         2)   All Questions are compulsory

         3)   Write new questions on new Page, continue sub-question from same page.




Q.1. a)   Define Ethics? Give overview of Nine theories.                                                                 (08)

  1. b) Narrate all the steps which are involved in implementation of Ethics.                               (07)




Q.1. a)   Define Entrepreneur? Distinguish between an Entrepreneur and an Manager.                   (08)

  1. b) What are the major global marketing ethical problems.                                                       (07)


Q.2.  a)   Write an ten commandment of Computer Ethic?                                                                (08)

  1. b) Explain the role of SEBI in Corporate governance.                                                            (07)




Q.2.  a)   What is Agency problem? Describe the mechanism for dealing with shareholders manager

conflicts.                                                                                                                              (08)

  1. b) Explain the objectives set up by CII.                                                                                   (07)



Q.3. a)   Elaborate the disclosure for the listing agreement as per clause 49.                                    (08)

  1. b) Explain the rights of shareholders.                                                                                      (07)




Q.3.  a)  Define Corporate Social Responsibility? Mention  ways of contributing to CSR.             (08)

  1. b) Discuss the Needs for Social Responsibility of Business                                                    (07)


Q.4.  a)   Discuss the role of business in Societies.                                                                             (08)

  1. b) State the factor that must be present in order to recognise workplace harassment.                        (07)




Q.4.  a)   What are the benefits a company derive from CSR initiative?                                           (08)

  1. b) Briefly explain the process model for managing corporate responsibility.                          (07)


Q.5. Case Study:                                                                                                                                (15)

There are a number of computers based ethical dilemma that have lately come to be major ethical issues. One set of issues deals with some of the new ethical dilemma that have been emerged or taken on new form, with rise of the internet and social Networking.

There are now many ways to gain information about other that were not available, or easily available, before the rise of computer. Thus ethical issues about the storage of personal information are now becoming an ever increasing problem. With more storage of personal data for social networking, arises the problem of selling that information for monetary gain. This gives rise to different ethical situations regarding access, security, and the use of hacking in positive and negative situation.



Discuss the various IT related ethical situation arising as above and the monetary of positive or negative hacking.




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