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N.B. (1) All questions in Section I are compulsory.

(2) Answer any three questions from Section II

Section I

(1)    Explain the following concepts: (Each 2 marks ) (10)

(a)    Innovation

(b)   Entrepreneurship

(c)    Franchising

(d)   Outsourcing

(e)   Leadership qualities


(2)    Case Study: (20)

Sangeeta Shah and Neela Chitre were very close friends since school days, accompanying each other not only to the library but also to Health Gym every evening.

In fact, there would always be a competitive spirit among both of them while exercising in the gym and it was not coincidental that both matched each others capability in every respect. It was during one such occasion that if emerged that both of them had a common pursuit of setting down with aventure associated with health fitness. Simultaneously, it was the time when average individual was becoming health conscious and almost every third individual was either a member of a club or was involved in personal discipline of exercise. Even corporate were promoting health consciousness in their employees, offering gymnasium membership or housing a fitness centre within the premises.

Sangeeta and Neela have now started putting their hands together and are in the process of conceiving a business plan in context of a pursuit in the field of health fitness. When the idea was discussed by both with their parents, it was counseled that a fitness centre with a beauty saloon along with a facility for stress Management could be the right combination.

However, it was apparent that the project would involve a capital outlay of less than Rs. 1.5 to 2 crores. Fortunately Sangeeta has almost been offered a place by her uncle at Andheri in his new residential building on lease and family and relatives may arrange a maximum of Rs. 75 lakhs. Balance would have to be raised from other sources.

You are now required to help Sangeeta and Neela to address the following area:

(a)    How to prepare a business plan for their idea?

(b)   What sources of finance can they explore?

(c)    How can they carryout staffing of their venture?

(d)   Design a marketing strategy for the venture.

Section II

(3)    What are the various sources of finance for entrepreneurs in India? Describe the features of these resources. (10)

(4)    (a) Define and explain the essentials of a good business plan. (5) (b) Explain the process of decision making. Give suitable examples. (5)

(5)    Explain the important considerations for selecting a project. (10)

(6)    Explain Entrepreneurial opportunities in service sector. (10)

(7)    Define women enterprise. Explain the various problems faced by Women entrepreneurs in India. (10)

(8)    Write short notes on any two:

(a)    Brainstorming (5)

(b)   Sociological theory of entrepreneurship (5)

(c)    Rural entrepreneur (5)


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