Effective Public Speaking:
BMS students are constantly required to make class presentations. For most, this can be unnerving especially in the beginning of the course.


You make an impression every time you stand on that podium in front of your class. So make sure you leave the right impact always.

Avancé tips:

1.      Practice

However well prepared you may be with the content, you need to practice. Rehearse out loud in front of the mirror, with the appropriate pace, pause and voice modulations. If required record it and play it back to yourself and amend accordingly.

2.      Dress appropriately

Most colleges prefer students being dressed in formals. Irrespective of this being a rule in your college, you must dress in formals while you are presenting. It will add to your confidence and help hold attention of your classmates.

  • Dress in conservative and elegant clothing, a collared shirt and trousers.
  • Women could opt for a skirt which ends below the knee along with a shirt.
  • You could add an additional layer to your outfit by wearing a vest or jacket.
  • Pay attention to the fit of the clothing rather than the brand or price tag.
  • Use a tie of scarf to create an interesting contrast, to help hold attention to the face
3.  Body Language 
  • Stand straight
  • Smile
  • Try making eye contact and address the entire class.  Look from side to side by giving equal importance.
  • Use your hands to emphasize what you are saying

 4. Engaging the audience

Occasionally you could use humor, personal stories and conversational language to break the monotony.

 5. Aids

  • Use aids like a cue-cards, you cannot possibly remember everything
  • You could use PowerPoint presentations, but remember they should not distract the audience nor overpower the speaker.

And finally, speak with CONVICTION!


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