Econometrics Prelims Question Paper – Vipin Saboo Tutorials



Solve both the sections. Answer any 3 questions from Section II

Section I


Q1. Explain in short: (3*5 =15)

  1. Level of significance
  2. 2 person zero sum game
  3. Hawkin Simon condition
  4. Multicollinearity
  5. Endogenous and exogenous variables


Q2. Evaluate the following cases: (9+6)


a.         Y=  1.2717 +   1.0691X

S E     (0.0123)    (0.2136)

R2= 0.9612,  n=22

d-w= 0.2889, dl=0.7623, du=1.3447

F0.05= 5.35,            T0.05= 3.47




b. Obtain a reduced form


M= a +bP +cN +u1

P= d +eM +fR +u2


Section II

Q3. a. What are the properties of OLS estimators                            (3 marks)


b. From the following information, compute the partial co efficient and test whether they are consistent

r12=0.7, r13=0.61, r23=0.4                                                   (7 marks)



Q4.a Based on the sample of 90 observations, the following data is available.     (6marks)


  Y X1 X2
Y 110 40 40
X1   50 -70
X2     1000


Mean values of Y,X1, X2 are 1.29, 0.48 and 12.2 respectively

Fit a regression equation of y on x1 and x2 and make the ANOVA table


F(1,88)=3.94, F(2,87)=3.09, F(1,87)=3.95


b. Solve the following game (4 marks)


B`s Strategies

A’s Strategies              y1        y2


X1                               1          2

X2                               5          6

X3                               2          1

X4                               6          0


Q5.a.What is autocorrelation. How is it corrected?                        (4 marks)

b. Estimate the WLS model based on the following information?        (6 marks)


X         7          17        20        22        15

Y         8          7          6          4          10

V         1          4          5          2          1


Q6 a. Check the identification and rank condition for the second equation   (4 marks)


Y1=4y2 -3×1 +u1

Y2=2y3 +2×3+u2



  1. Compute the new output level and labor requirement if the demand changes to 160 and 210 units respectively

A                                    B                     Demand

A           40                        50                      110

B           80                        60                       160

Labour   10                        15





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