Child Marriage MURDERED Them!


Meera got married 2 years ago and is expecting her first child next month. Isn’t that great? She is going to be a mother next month, I mean that is something every girl wants right? She will have a family of her own, a small cute family. Her parents and her in-laws cant wait to meet their new family member. Oh! I forgot to mention, her best friend Shruti too got married 2 years back and already has a 1 year old kid. Meera can definitely take some motherhood tips from her, don’t you think?

A little recap here: Meera and Shruti got married at the age of 14! How cool is that? They had not even completed their schooling when they were made tie a knot with 18 year old college going BOYS. Meera was really good in science and she wanted to become a doctor when she grew up and Shruti loved drawing, so she wanted to be a fashion designer. But how did this even matter? Their parents had a different career in mind for them. They wanted their daughters to get married as soon as possible and take up a house wife’s career. I understand every girl’s parents want to see her well settled in her life and have a small family.

Parents are supposed to know the best for their kids and thrive to give them the best, but here it is something different!  Could’nt they just wait for 6 years to get their daughter or son married? Could’nt they let them finish their studies and start their career before getting them married? How could they do this, when they are still kids and don’t even know what marriage is all about? People tend to break down after marriage because of so many responsibilities even at the age of 35 or more and these are only KIDS! Kids are supposed to play, study, enjoy a carefree life but here she is going to have a baby at the age of 16 and her husband is only

Child marriage has killed so many innocent kids and their dreams. They are not matured enough to know what’s right and wrong but atleast you are. If you think this does not happen in a place near you because you live in a city, you are mistaken! This happens not only in villages where majority people are illiterate but even in cities where majority of the people are literate.

-Saloni Tolia.

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