Has Social Networking Sites Killed Those Innocent Smiles Of Children?


Social Networking Sites

We are living in 20th century where everything has changed especially, science and technology has definitely boomed upwards. It’s pretty good to see the development but with every boon there is curse, with the help of science, gadgets like mobile and computers were invented, then slowly there came the establishment of social networking sites. Upto an extent boon was playing its role, people had made mobile and computer as their basic gadget. But now there is an era where according to me curse is playing its vital role, worst effects are seen on children and the youth generation. Yes as this topic strikes in readers’ mind by questioning to them that what are their answers or feedback for the question or title of my article? Come let’s see what I think upon this title on which I am writing today.

What is play ground? What is garden? What is cycling? What is sport? Yes this is the worst situation arose today where children do not have answers to this question. There was a time when I was a child, I like to play various games whether it was indoor or outdoor. I seriously miss those days where I used to play a lot with Top which is said as Bhavra in Hindi then as I grew up, I played many games like cricket, football, volleyball, badminton. As I grew up hectic schedule was my monster who always defeats the prestigious time, which never waits for anyone. But 2 to 3 days before when I was passing by the roadside I saw a group of kids or bachha party not empty handed and the only thing I saw was mobile, nothing else. Every kid was busy in phone opening their social networking site and chatting and all stuff, I was pretty sad and also felt pity on the kids, the reason behind this was that kids are now getting too much attached to these social networking sites due to which they are not only wasting their time but also will miss the happiness and enjoyment that they are avoiding due to playing such a great games or doing some activity which will keep them healthy.

Innocent Smiles Of Children

Who is responsible for these kind of problems? HMm I think it’s equally children’s, social networking owners, parents who are responsible for these problems. Now I will tell you the main reasons behind it, it is like a flow chart which starts with the social networking site owners, the reason is the main use of the social network should be used for communication but this point is never taken into consideration by the owners because of their profit reasons. The second link to this flow chart is with some of our parents reason behind is, as you may know that at times when we were child our mom or dad used to take us to garden on every Sunday to play with us. But if you see now many parents are so busy that even they don’t get their own self to rest on weekends, so it’s very far to take their kids to play in the garden. Last to get affected in these whole flow chart is the last link that are kids. Beyond this kids today are growing lazy and having thousands of eyes and ear problem.

I think that smile that we used to have when we were happy enjoying these games when we were child, they surely lack. Smiles have disappeared from kids’ face, there is only a fake happiness up to one extent that is made by gadgets and the social networking sites. Last but not the least would like to say something from my heart

(Yeh Kalyug Hai Har Kisi Ko Kisi Cheez Ka Moh Hai,Mujhe Bhi Ek Cheez Ka Moh Hai Taras Ta Hu Ki Mil Jaye Woh Bachpan Ja Khelu Kuddu Khush Hokar…………)



                                                                                                                                                                                                THANK YOU

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