Chaitali Thakker Chandarana



Name – Chaitali Thakker Chandarana
Graduated BMS in the year – 2006
College – Ghanshyamdas Saraf College
Currently working – Employed as a Marketing Manager
Company – It’s an MNC and working in a Marketing Dept.

Tell us something about yourself
This is Chaitali, did my BMS in Marketing and then found marketing interesting so completed MBA in Marketing in 2008 from Sinhgad College, Pune University. I am an extrovert person who loves challenges and love to face each new vibrant day in my own way and that’s called a Marketing person.

Tell us something about your BMS college

Saraf is basically a girl’s college but no student from that would have felt of not being in co-head. Our batch had enjoyed a lot, We had lots of innovative and creative Projects. Management, Faculty and all were really helpful and they gave us open field to develop us in Management. We all were girls but can beat all other colleges in fest and management games. We really had a great support from our college people.

When did you join BMS? Which year you graduated BMS?
I had joined in 2003 after my HSC and completed in 2006

How did you start your career? What was the first step after completing BMS?
Firstly I was a person who was against this course, My all friends had appeared for BMS CET, I use to laugh on them, that how can you join a new course when you don’t know the future. So at last Few Well wishers convinced me to appear CET and I found interesting, so thought to join and found that all my friends who were claiming great talks about BMS have taken admission in B.Com and I was the only one in BMS, But I never minded and went to grow ahead.
Well I started my career in 2008. As I had completed BMS in 2006, immediately I joined in 2006 for a full time MBA at Pune University and I went there to stay for 2 yrs.
I completed MBA and got placement in Mumbai in Jan 2008 and joined Ravin Cables as Asst. Manager. Later on joined Shaadi.Com as a Centre Manager and worked for 2 yrs.

What are you doing currently?
Currently I am working as a Marketing Manager for one of the Loyalty Program firm and enjoying a team handling with a managerial position. I was working as a Visiting faculty for TY and SY BMS student, but could not continue more than a year, but wish to grow even in teaching field.

Share with us some of your favorite college memories – Sad, pleasant or anything?

Well this space would be endless, coz each day was a memory for me. I can say each event, fest was memorable. Once I had taken get up of male of rural area, once we had done project on designing clothes and we had stitched clothes for dolls, teddy bears and soft toys. I could add up many projects like launch of new product, we had a habit of skit, we use to perform each time for each project and that each vibrant topic was memorable.

What has BMS life taught you?
I could not thank whole life for making me learn life lessons. I had a stage fear and was introvert and shy person, I use to get scared from exams, my all weakness has converted into my strength. BMS is not just for people who dare to do different, it’s for each person who has dreams to cherish and want to grow in their own path. May be path has not decided like what to do, but just taking an admission, you can grow and achieve what you want. I can say the subjects, semester pattern and interaction level is really helping student to be practical and social in the real world. The knowledge of subject is not just up to classrooms, but also takes a stand in real world.

How is life after BMS? What changes do you see in yourself?
Who does not like sweetness of success which was your weakness, Life has drastically changed, frankly I was an average student, after BMS I had became a University ranker. The change not only in % to achieve but a confidence that yes even a dumb can do it and CAN DO Attitude that is important, which showed me a way to go more ahead in personal and Professional life. I see a drastic change in 3 yrs and make me happy when a known person mouth gets just open saying MY GOD, You are the one, and we never expected you would do this. I can say people who were expecting me to sit at home and do nothing after HSC have got jealous and agreed on fact that any person can achieve if guided well in life.

Who in your life has influenced you the most?
Frankly My parents were against this course, and they were right, I was an average student who couldn’t even score 55% and cant expect to be in professional course, My cousin tried to convince and gave a challenge to clear CET and I did that and after that It was easy for my parents to trust me and I give whole credit to my parents and cousin, coz that showed me that Nothing is impossible if you have a desire to do it.

Has BMS course really helped you in the corporate world or in MBA?
Of course, BMS helped me like a cake walk in MBA. It was damn easy to clear MBA especially you get interest when you know few concepts and you feel different. There is a different spark and can make out in BMS Passout.
In corporate world or even socializing or in any meeting, BMS has given confidence and maturity to think out of the box ideas. I am standing in a crowd and the attitude of making you different in a crowd is just coz of the course.

As BMS alumni, what changes would you like to bring in management education?
I would love to increase industrial visit centralized and have games like reality shows of getting two colleges together and should be implemented from university, which would help to increase the interaction, challenges, adventure and learning something different than being a book worm.

What is the ideal career option after BMS? Why?
I don’t think anything is ideal, there is a misconception that you can go for MBA only. I don’t think it’s the only option, If a person is interested in being Lawyer, can do LLB, I have few friends settled well, Now colleges have came up with 6 months and one yr diploma which can be done while working. Event management, Advertising course, or simple working with CET or anything which a person feels is interesting. Export Courses or any damn thing or even a job or starting consultancy or business which is interesting and feels every morning that yeah I am ready to face the world today in my way is an ideal option.

Do you think internship/work experience is a must before pursuing MBA?
I am a person who had felt that if I would work, I would get attracted to monetary gains and would never study so started directly after BMS, but internship is a good option. Work exp helps a lot who can leave the job and can get back to books. It completely depends on a person’s behavior. If they can come back to books, it’s a good option to work or like me can join immediately.

What message would you like to give to the current BMS batches?
BMS people are enough smart to get advices, I would just say enjoy, chill and learn different things than just bookish knowledge, coz that would help you in future.

How is What help should it provide in future?
It’s a good initiative and efforts and good site helping students. I feel the growth is at jet speed. Just wishing an immense growth to help and support to BMS people.

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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to


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