Dealing With Peer Pressure In A BMS College


Peer Pressure

Come on, let’s not attend the law lecture and go to a restaurant your friends say you these. Now what do you do? You go with what is right and attend the law lecture or you follow to what your friends say?

Sometimes there is no right or wrong answer to a question. In our daily lives we come across a lot of difficult questions. We need an opinion from someone who can understand us or should we say who is of our age.

Peers are the ones who are of our age; it includes your classmates and friends. When peers influence how you act, it’s called peer pressure. It’s something which cannot be avoided, everyone has to deal with it even the adults.

Peer Pressure

Have you ever thought why do we give in to peer pressure? There are a bunch of reasons maybe you want to be liked or want to “fit in” or maybe you are scared that your friends would make fun of you because you said no to them. The idea of “everyone else is doing” influences us to follow them without thinking if it is correct or not.

You must have heard your parents and elders saying you to choose your friends wisely. Peer pressure is the reason they say you this. If your friends use drugs, drink or smoke, you are most likely to do the same thing.

Now the question arises that how to deal with the peer pressure. First and foremost thing is to learn to say no to something we feel is wrong. If you still continue to face the pressure and you are not able to handle it then you must talk to your parents or your teachers.

Peer pressures are not always bad, it’s important to choose wise friends. It’s your duty to join hands and help the ones who are suffering from peer pressure.

self improvement vs peer pressure

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Saloni Shetty


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