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About yourself

Hi I am Carol Fernandes…I have just given my final year exams for bmm…Talking about myself…i  want to experience everything once in my lifetime…no matter what it is…wanna go through all the phases of that is what will make my life complete…i want to be loved and give loved…want to  contribute towards the world as something I cud do for making the world  a better place to live in….want to spread happiness wherever I go….


How and when did you start writing

Writing I never thought was my cup of tea…i started writing the day I felt the urge there are certain things I can’t share it with anybody so started sharing it with my diary…and that’s how I developed the art of writing…I write whenever I have something to share which I can express better in written words…then by speech…


How do you usually find your ideas/topics on writing

I get the topic or idea to write generally by observing people or surrounding…that is how I get the idea of writing…for example…recently I seen children playing in the garden…after exams..And that is I want to write about…


What kind of books you like to read? Why?

I like reading romantic novels…as I connect with them very easily…so I like reading Nicholas sparks and Ravinder Singh….I have read can love happen twice, Walk to remember, wedding….


Favorite Films?

Hollywood- All twilight series…i simple love them…a number of Hindi movies..i ll sound  a bit oldies…all salman khan’s movies…hum sath saath hain,vivah, hum apke hain kaun


Favorite Music ?

Songs that suit my mood…so generally all…


Give us three Good to know facts about you

Helpful to the core

easily adjustable to situations

I think more from my heart…so that helps me understand others better


Who has influenced you the most and why?

My MOM….It is because it is from her i learnt what is hard work and what exactly is life..she is there by me always in every situation…it’s from her I get motivation…i cannot imagine my life without her…


What next after BMS internship ?

After the internship…I am looking forward to work with you as an employee not an intern would like to continue with you…and looking for a job in a news channel a step ahead to achieve my dream…to become the most well known news anchor…


What tips would you like to give to the upcoming writers/interns at

Write from your heart…words will simply flows on that screen…don’t think too hard…just be generic…and do join it feels great when you have e  a name a s an author and so many people reading you…you get to learn a  lot…


Your feedback/suggestion for

The bms platform should widen a little more so that all those interested get a chance too..Otherwise you are doing great job…


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