4 Ways To Deal With Spots And Blemishes




As humans if something matters the most on our physical appearance is our face and even then we try most of our experiments with our face. Your face determine your personality somewhere hence it is very important other than that it is your face which attracts the opposite sex you accept it or not. But it is always the face then the heart to fall in love. So our face or physically appearance matters the most to us. Especially if you are a girl you take at most acre of your face even a small spot and you try all the home remedies and creams Isn’t it? It is even right to take care of you and so we are always worried whenever even a small thing appears on the face. Not only girls but even boys do treat the spots and these spots at your teenage are because of your hormonal changes. They are either white heads, Black Heads or Pimples which even goes on its own as time passes. The other thing is if you don’t worry about the entire world will worry about it and make you conscious about it and become doctor for you and give you all possible treatments (grins) which is really annoying isn’t it? Other then this diet oily skin and stress all results in spots and blemishes…But at the same time there are ways to combat these spots and blemishes…

  1. Use skin cleansers

This is not only for those who have cane but also those who do not. But by using skin cleansers you keep your skin clean which prevents the skin to form those pores and bumps which tarp these acne and blemishes. But when you use cleansers use it as per your skin requirement as due to overuse you might get itching or rashes. So sue skin cleansers wisely.


  1. Avoid certain food

It is always advised to a void greased food and chocolate as they cause the building of inflammatory hormones in the skin. Oils that are used to make snacks should be avoided such, as corn oil, soybean oil and cotton oil. The same with chocolates they release a chemical theobromine that is a culprit and not the fat in the chocolate. So it is advised to have just 54grams of chocolate a week that too dark chocolate.


  1. Different reasons for different blemishes

Black heads and forehead maybe due to the oil released by the shampoo and conditioners so it is advisable not to allow any of your hair to come on your forehead. The red pimples on your nose are not at all because of blocking of pores but maybe because of temperature changes. It maybe also because of certain perfumes that are skin allergen and also because of cosmetics that contain certain chemicals that causes acne and pimples. Spots and blemishes on your jaw line and side of your face are because of dry skin. Use a moisturizer it will help.


  1. Use a moisturizer regularly

If your skin is dry use a moisturizer as even dry skin causes spots and blemishes but avoid moisturizer with alcohol as it may affect your skin.


With the above ways you will be able to deal with spots and blemishes to a great extent. So take care of your skin as that is what will really help you.


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