TYBMS Sem 5 Topper Interview- Narottam Jajodia- Bhavans College(Andheri)


Your full Name-

Narottam Jajodia

College Name –

Bhavans College

Total Marks (out of 700) and percentage along with grade:-

580/700  83%  A grade

Rank in college/university (please mentioned rank along with the specialization)

3rd rank – Finance

1) Tell us about yourself, your background, why did you choose to do BMS and what do you plan to do after BMS?


I live in a family of four where my dad is a Legal Consultant, my mother is a Homemaker and my elder sister works for an IT Solutions firm. I completed my 10th (ICSE) and 12th (HSC) with 82% and 84% respectively. I have liked subjects such as Languages, Computers, Physical Education, etc. since school, but have especially loved Mathematics. I have an interest for and have been into various activities such as Martial Arts, Writing, Cooking, Volunteering for corporate and social events, Reading, Sketching, Sports, etc.


I chose to pursue BMS as I have always wanted to learn something related to management. My sister has done BMS too, and when I would look at her varied subjects, they would interest me. I had also heard that BMS, as a course, refines your Leadership and Communication skills and that it is equivalent to 40% MBA. This has proved to be completely true in my case.

I got a job in a reputed financial MNC through my college placements and will join the same after completing BMS. I plan on pursuing my further studies (MBA) after acquiring a couple years of work experience.


2) Tell us about your college (your college experience, favorite memories, favorite faculties etc.)


Being a part of Bhavans College has been a memorable experience. We had an amazing faculty with teachers who were very knowledgeable, helpful and always supportive. Bhavans has all the required facilities and equipment. I got the opportunity to serve as the CR (Class Representative) of BMS-Finance for 2 years which was truly a learning and wonderful experience.


I have several memories of my BMS life, the best ones being – my time spent with friends in the classroom and canteen, giving presentations with different teams, end moment preparations for exams, having multiple traditional days, serving as the CR, etc. the list would never end.


I, thankfully, did not dislike or have any grudge against any teacher throughout BMS. But there have certainly been a few favorites like every normal student would have. Yet, even among the favorites, I would like to name only two teachers as they have added solid value to my life. Shagun Mattoo Maam and Vipin Saboo Sir. I have deep respect and gratitude for these two.


3) Who in your life has influenced the most? Why?


There are 3 people who have influenced me the most – My Mother, My Aunt and Prof. Vipin Saboo. This is because these are the strongest personalities I have seen. They have lived tough lives and yet have come out victorious. They have helped, supported and pushed me at every step. All three of them have phenomenal giving natures.


Prof. Vipin Saboo, especially, has played a significant role in my overall development as a student. I believe that he is the type of teacher that is actually required in our education system. No exaggeration. He gives his 200% to every student and is available 24×7 for help. He is the person who wouldn’t sleep before making it sure that he has helped you enough to succeed.


4) Any comments on the revised BMS Syllabus?


Many topics of the revised BMS syllabus seemed unnecessary as per today’s scenario. However, they are all pretty easy to understand and grasp.


5) Tell us about your tips to study in TYBMS?

Well, I have majorly learnt my tips to study in TYBMS, directly and indirectly, from VST (Vipin Saboo Tutorials). Firstly do not keep any end moment doubts. Keep all notes ready well before exams. Keep practicing all numericals regularly so that you can secure full marks in them. Keep a lot of examples in your mind for every point in theory subjects, examples bring you extra marks. Draw diagrams wherever possible. Once again, KEEP EVERYTHING READY WELL BEFORE EXAMS. The worst thing is to waste time searching for notes and answers and other stuff just before exams. It will just add to your anxiety. Secondly, your internal marks largely depend upon your image in the eyes of the teacher. To create that image, attend enough lectures to atleast make the teacher remember your face. Do not skip presentations and assignments. Do well in class tests.

Lastly, do not take any tension or anxiety. BMS is overall an easy course. Just act smartly, be motivated and try your best to understand the subjects.

6) How does it feel to be amongst the toppers?

I have always believed that marks are just a number and they don’t really decide your future. And I don’t even study for marks, I do it out of enthusiasm. However, practically speaking, marks do play some role in your life.

Anyway, I don’t see myself as any topper or great achiever. I am a normal student who somehow, by the efforts of some wonderful people and by God’s grace, could secure a descent score. For me, being among the rankers is an opportunity to practice more gratitude and humility, nothing more.

7) Did you join any class? If yes/No, why?

Yes, I did join Vipin Saboo Tutorials (VST) for TYBMS. I have been a student who requires constant motivation and push. Also, I did not want to take a chance of not taking additional coaching as it was my final year, the most important one. I got MANY solid reviews for VST from many ex-BMS students. And Prof. Vipin Saboo has a great reputation. He is connected with the industry and has profound knowledge and skills. He simply seems to know everything. Today, I am glad that I took the decision of joining VST.

8) Would you like to give any tips to your juniors so that they can prepare for TYBMS in the same way you did?

I have already mentioned some tips above. I, personally, did not use any strategy as such. I just made sure that I understood what was being taught. If there were any doubts, I would clear them well in advance. Keep in good touch with the numericals, they can fetch you good marks. Vipin Saboo sir’s question banks are a great help (he posts them on bms.co.in every year).

9) If you are made the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, what changes would you like to initiate in the Indian education system? And even in BMS?


There are several grave problems in the Indian Education system and to list the changes for them, it would take days. However, some things that I would like to change are as follows.


I would swap irrelevant and outdated topics with more relevant and required ones.

I would speed up the entire process of checking the papers and declaring results.

I would modify the system in a manner that students are encouraged for their inherent likings and interests and those interests and talents are polished and the students are helped to master them.

I would ensure that there is competent faculty for all subjects in all colleges.

I would provide clear information and guidance about all MU courses, through efficient websites.

I would initiate free counselling and psychometric tests to help students identify their interests and natures.


10) Your feedback for BMS.co.in?


Bms.co.in is a great haven for all BMS students. All help, guidance, data and information regarding subjects, exams, study tips, question banks, etc. can be found here. The only drawback I see is that, the website seems pretty unorganized and lacking technology. It is sometimes a task to find what you really need.

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Education Qualification: BMS- N M College (University Rank Holder) PGDBM- Sydenham College M Com- College topper Mr Vipin Saboo has been associated with the following institutes as a visiting faculty Lords college, Malad Patkar College, Goregoan Saraf college, Malad Dalmia college, Malad St Andrews College, Bandra Wilson College, Grant Road Thakur college, Kandivili L N College, Kandivili N K College, Malad Dhanukar College, Vile Parle St Xaviers College, Marine Lines Shroff College, Kandivili KES College, Khar Mr.Vipin Saboo also has more than 5 years of industry expertise with corporate like CRISIL, Motilal Oswal Investment Banking and Yes Bank. Mr. Saboo has also published a text book on Logistics and Supply Chain Management for TYBMS Students.


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