Brain Drain by hearing this words the first question comes to one’s mind is what is Brain Drain? What is meant by it? What are the consequences or effects of it? So here is the meaning of brain drain: It refers to the departure or emigration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge from organizations, industries or from geographical.

The most affected by this is developing countries i.e. island nations of Caribbean, African colonies, Soviet Union, China & India etc. This problem not only the loss to the country but also as the societal loss to the country as intelligent, hardworking people using their knowledge & skills to develop other countries rather than their own country. The analysts say that the problem is so severe that if it is not stopped early it will lead to serious consequences as this problem is getting increased day by day.

There are many reasons due to which people get emigrated from the organization or country. So these reasons are broadly classified into three categories:

brain drain

 1. Organizational: brain is also considered in this case also as the flight of talented, creative & highly trained employees moved from one organization to another example for this type of brain drain is Yahoo & Microsoft – that occurs when employees perceive the direction& leadership of the company to be instable or stagnant& thus lead to emigration of employees.

2. Geographical: the flight of trained individuals & college graduates from their area of residence for instance migrating towardsmid-western United States for higher opportunities.

3. Industrial: the movement of traditionally skilled workers from one sector of an industry to another sector heightened competition for talent from the private sector & budgetary constraints have made it increasingly difficult to attract replacements for these retirees.

As we all know near about 40% employees in Australia are Indians. 38% scientists of NASA are Indians 42% doctors in US & other countries are Indians. This is very huge number &in fact benefiting to their home country they are working for other countries. So there has to be some reason around this thing. Weave to find out the reason that why this so much huge number is migrating towards another country. In India one of the prime reasons for Brain Drain is the system on which the whole government & education system is based.

In India one report has claimed that because of poor employment facilities, the people are turning up towards the middle east & United States because there opportunities are more & some people migrate to another country because the pay scale of other countries is higher that India. In India there is a term we can coined as religion brain drain as we can see that many Sikhs are migrating in Canada not because of better payable or opportunities but because of pride as for Sikhs migrating in Canada is considered as symbol of pride the condition is that Canada is looking like a mini Punjab.

brain drain2

Not only Sikhs but Gujratis also migrate to London to seek the symbol of pride in their community. But because of any reason the India is suffering the most as according to UNDP estimates that India loses $2 billion a year because of the emigration of computer experts to the US & Indian students going abroad for higher studies costs around $10 billion a year & loses its valuable foreign exchange.

The other reason for people migrating towards another country is the reservation system in India which on every step gives higher priority to the OBST castes people where the seats are reserved at every part of life. Not only their schooling the seats are reserved but also during the placements of jobs they are given first opportunities in front of other deserving candidates. So this is also the main reason on which Brain Drain is occurring in India.

brain drain3

But as there is always a ray of hope in the dark we have many people that who went to foreign university for their further studies & returned back to their home country to serve their nation. But on the contrary we have the people who went for their further studies but never came back. So with this point we can say that it’s One’s intellectual wish whether to serve their mother nation or work for overseas companies.

So whatever the reason, but the fact is that “Brain Drain is a curse to India” as India is losing their jewels in the hands of other countries.

– Nikhil Jain

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