Being Open Minded In This World ?!



Well there are so many customs, religions and traditions in this world. We meet various kind of people in our day to day lives. People from different background with different sets of principles all together. Being able to gel with such people accepting their principles and respecting whatever they are is important. 

There might be things that you dislike but must learn to be open minded about things if you want to be successful. Now people will ask why ? Because the person who has ability to adapt and accept to the situation and people  is the person who leads the world. The sole reason is that he can understand. 

If a change is happening and a person is refusing to accept the change will eventually fall in this world. There have been many examples like that in this world. So being open minded plays a very important role for a business and for a person who wants to survive. 

When you enter the world, you have to break the walls that you have created so you can accept the people and the world at large. Many people face problem due to this,they cannot open up their minds to certain things in society. They always try to oppose it in some way or the others. 

You will find many people who are narrow minded in this world but there are few open minded people. Mostly the travelers are said to be open minded and sometimes writers are also. Travelers because they like to travel to places of different culture, traditions etc. they like to learn so they gel well with strangers and people and adapt to the changing surroundings easily than a normal person. It is not always the travelers or writers but there are other people also who like to be open minded about things.

Being open minded does not mean that you should believe or follow the things that you don’t, all you have to do is to accept them. An open minded person will get to see the world from all the perspectives. And trust me guys seeing the world with different perspectives is difficult but not impossible. Once you get to know this it will change your life for good.

Open minded people have much more options than a tracked mind.

Always try to be open minded person and see the difference it will make in your life. It is difficult to accept things you don’t believe or hate but give it a try because without trying you wont understand. 

Try to hang out with people who are open minded than people who are narrow minded. It will make a difference in the way of thinking. 

Trust me guys, Being Open minded will be beneficial !!!!




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Saniya Rane

I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.


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