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Law is a set of rules that govern the functioning of the specific area they deal with; similarly ‘Industrial Law’ deals with three very important factors of the industrial world the employers, employees and the government. They are the set of regulations that guide employers and trade unions alike how to deal with various aspects of industrialization such as safety norms, hygiene facilities, proper working conditions an timings, pension, wages, salaries, etc.

Industrial laws are a must because, they deal with the rights for all the blue collar jobs. These people are usually the uneducated, hard working labour class who have to strive the hardest in the society to earn a decent amount of remuneration in order to lead a normal life. Unlike the white collared job seeker these people do not know their rights to be able to fight for them and the circumstances in which they work for each other make them servile in nature as compared to the factory or company owners who become the masters for them.

The relationship they share with their seniors and bosses is like a servant-master relationship, although ideally it should not be so; but it has been made that way and this is the reality all of these workers have to deal with. They have trade unions to take care of their demands but these unions are ultimately run by political parties and bring along the factor of their benefit before the befit of the workers.

At times these laws help the employers to gain more productive workers as there are time, age and gender specifications for work hours of each worker and the employer can force them out to rest when these limits are crossed as per the law stated. F not for these laws then the workers will strive as hard as they can and work overtime in order to earn whatever extra money they can, which impacts their health as well as the productivity of the organization.

An employer should not take undue advantage of any worker and no worker should be able to cheat the employer for wages or other advantages are the main aim of these laws. In India especially these laws are extremely important as we have abundance of cheap labour available in cities, town and villages. This labour class travels to cities from their small towns and villages in order to seek a better life for their family and themselves and eventually end up being taken for granted by factory owners unless they are careful.

They are exploited and made to work beyond limits just because they are willing to whatever it takes in order to survive the hard life of the fast moving cities. Industrial laws are created in order to safeguard the interest of these people who are usually exploited by employers and the society at large.

Why should I Study this subject?


Legal aspects of the industrial world are a must know for young business students, we must know what basic facilities, norms and rules need to be observed while dealing with workers and labourers. Not necessary as lawyers but as HR professionals or manpower consultants, there may be opportunities where we are faced with opportunities to put this knowledge into practice. Hence it from a future career point of view it is important to study this subject.

Is it Difficult?

No, especially when you compare it with corporate law, industrial law is way simpler and uncomplicated. The jargon of this subject is very simple and has no elaborate terms like corporate law that you have to mug up. The definitions and parts of the act are easy to understand and the answers can be written down with utmost ease.

Is it Boring?

No, Industrial law is a very interesting subject, so many facets of life of the lowest section of the society and the amount of hard work they put in come to light. There is so much we get to learn about them simply by reading the regulations put out for them.

 Do I need to join a Coaching Class for this subject?

No you do not need to join any coaching class for this subject. Just attend college lectures and you will learn everything that is needed.

Are there any Notes I can refer? – Industrial law Notes

What is the Syllabus for this subject?

The syllabus of this subject is as follows:

Unit  I : Laws related to Industrial relation and Industrial Disputes

Unit II :  Laws related to Health, Safety and Welfare

Unit III : Social Legislations

Unit IV : Laws related to Compensation Management

For detailed syllabus and a list of the reference books for Industrial Law click Industrial Law Syllabus and Reference Books !

How should I Study this subject?


Keep one thing in mind for industrial law: Attend lectures regularly!

To get good marks in this subject you will have to attend all lectures and discus actively the aspects of the different laws and its application in class as the more you discus the more you understand. The terminology used here is very simple and the acts simple and logical in nature. There are no twisted definitions and huge answers to break your head over.

Internal exams:

For your internal exams if you are going to get a case study to work on then it will be a lot of fun and you need to brush up on your concepts for the same for an hour a day for a week before the exams, in case you have the question answer format then learn your answers similarly by investing an hour a day for a week before the exams.

External exams:

Where it comes to your external semester exams the approach for this subject is very simple. You need to read the act, learn the question answers and solve the case studies. Just like in corporate law you will have to mug up dates and definitions. So we advise you make these definitions and dates into charts and stick them on a wall where they are easily visible so that revision becomes easy every day.

Start your studies unit wise and take one act at a time Unit 3 is the only unit with tricky acts the other three are very easy so you can split the acts of unit 3 in between the other three units so that no burdensome act follows another complicated one.

You can try this order:

  1. Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
  2. Employees State insurance Act, 1948 (Committees councils and various benefits)
  3. The Trade Unions Act, 1926
  4. Employees Provident fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1948 (schemes, administration and determination of dues)
  5. The factories Act, 1948
  6. The Payment of Wages Act, 1948(Objectives, Definitions, authorized deductions)
  7. The Minimum wages Act, 1948
  8. The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

Or you can make up any order as per your convenience by keeping the acts from the third unit in alternates with the acts of the other units.

You need to complete the process of read-learn- case study for each chapter within a span of 3-4 days by devoting and hour and a half each day.

While you learn make it a habit to underline the key words from each answer and write them down framing notes from key words. These notes will be short and easy to use at the time of exams. You can also make mind maps as explained in the Corporate Law guide study guide. If you missed it then, you can check it out Here!

Mind maps are the most helpful tools while studying subjects like Law, they ensure that if at all there is something complicated we don’t end up leaving it out and losing a chance to score good marks because we missed out on a crucial concept. We dissect and simplify them suing these maps so that we can understand, learn and apply them with ease on exam day.

With papers like law the most important thing is to remember that completing your answers matters the most. Practice writing answers once you complete studies for this subject, revise in written format and if not all answers at least practice doing the most difficult and lengthy answers in a stipulated period of time.

If you have just a few days left for your exams and you still have not started your studies do not worry there still is a way to pass. You can take up one act at a time, in the order mentioned above. You will have to read the act completely and then study the important question answers as given in your college, since you have read the entire act even if there comes a question that is difficult to answer you will be able to write the answer in your own words and get a few marks that will help you pass.

Reading case studies is a big help as they help in understanding few concepts or aspects of the acts that are complicated in nature. With a case study there is a practical approach to the theory and this helps you learn and write your answers with ease.

Who says Business Graduates can’t make Great Lawyers?


The study of Law is complex yet very interesting and if you find your interactions with Law in your BMS fruitful and wish to make a full time career out of it then there is absolutely no harm in doing so! Most LLB courses need you to pursue a graduation before you apply for the course and a graduation in business studies is as potent as any other field for an application to a Law school. The dogmatic view of handling only post graduation in business studies should not stop you from pursuing your legal side if you really wish to do so. May times we come across students who do wish to pursue something other than an MBA or an MMS post the BMS course but hesitate thinking that it isn’t the logical continuation to the course, legal aspirants are dime a dozen in these as many students study the corporate and industrial laws and want to take it up.

If you are one of those then you shouldn’t hesitate at all. BMS is an amazing graduation platform post which a lot of doors open up for you, don’t limit yourself by thinking about what people usually do; even if things seem unconventional they are definitely do-able and a career in Law post your BMS is a perfect example of the same.

Keep Studying, Keep Scoring!




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