Vipin Saboo Tutorials Vs. Other Tutorials


Vipin Saboo Tutorials, located at Malad (East), Mumbai, is the pioneer amongst the commerce tutorials, across Mumbai, providing specialised coaching to the students of Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS). V. S. T. is named after Vipin Saboo Sir, the specialist in financial industry for 8 years now, and a humble professor who delivers specialised knowledge-loaded lectures at various colleges in Mumbai and teaches at V. S. T. He believes in rigour and hard work and ensures that maximum output is delivered at both ends i.e. in terms of teaching and training, as well as from students in their exams. The following are the points that distinguish V. S. T. from other classes in the city!


1. @ VST: Limited Students Per Batch

In Vipin Saboo Tutorials, the number of students per batch, on an average, lie in the range of 25 to 30.


@ Others: Too Many Students Per Batch

In other classes, the number of students per batch, on an average, lie in the range of 60 to 65. It’s clearly more than double the Vipin Saboo’s Tutorials per Batch.



2. @ VST: Test Pattern at Vipin Saboo Tutorials – Rigid and Efficacious

Test Series on a regular basis are conducted.


@ Others: Test Pattern at Other Tutorials – Null and Futile

No tests or limited tests are conducted.



3. @ VST: Timely Syllabus Completion

Syllabus gets completed in around two months before exams, so that students get sufficient amount of time to practice and prepare.


@ Others: Last Minute Syllabus Completion

Syllabus gets completed in just a few days or few weeks before exams. All of this creates nothing but chaos.



4. @ VST: 24×7 Doubt-solving Facility

24×7 availability of Vipin Sir for getting students’ doubts solved. Sir is available all throughout the day during exams.


@ Others: Impossible to Witness 24×7 Doubt-solving Facility

Doubts get solved in class only. Professors are not available for solving doubts.



5. @ VST: Cover-up Lectures

At Vipin Saboo Tutorials, Cover-up lectures are provided for the students who have missed their lectures for any due reasons.


@ OthersNo Cover-up Lectures

At other classes, cover-up lectures are provided rarely or not provided at all for students who’d have missed lectures for any due reasons.




6. @ VST: One Faculty = Totally Personalised Teaching

One faculty for all subjects, that is Mr. Vipin Saboo, and hence no issues in getting comfortable with other faculties.


@ Others: Various Faculties = No Personalised Teaching

Different faculty for different subjects hence an issue of adjusting to different teaching styles.



7. @ VST: All Round Assistance

Assistance provided for other theory papers including notes, case studies, doubt solving sessions and prelims.


@ Others: No Assistance

Assistance is not provided for other theory papers including notes, case studies, doubt solving sessions and prelims.



8. @ VST: Total Assistance Project Submission

Full and detailed assistance provided for the 100-marks project from the time of selection of topic till the final date of submission. It’s ensured, everyone gets good grades or marks in projects as well.


@ Others: No Assistance for Project Submission

Assistance on the 100-marks project is not provided at any classes across Mumbai, except Vipin Saboo Tutorials.



9. @ VST:  Focus Only on Development

Again, development is the key to success. Here at VST, career counselling and personality grooming is also focused upon. Both theory and calculative subjects are taken care of.


@ Others: Nothing Other than Regular Subjects

Sadly and typically, no such concept in other classes is followed. No one takes such responsibility of helping students develop non-calculative subjects.



10. @ VST: Reinvention of the Best – Year on Year

A close to 100% Result almost every year! A live example: 4 out of 5 toppers of Saraf College in Semester – 5 Exams, 2014 are students of Vipin Saboo Tutorials. University toppers of FM and Logistics again are from VST.



@ Others: You Don’t Witness Such Great Results In Ordinary Classes

Results just a wee bit above the university’s average. Majorly, motive of other classes lies just in the student’s pass result and not distinction, unlike Vipin Saboo Tutorials.



11. @ VST: History is Created Every Year

It’s evident from results attained in past years as well as semester – 5 2014, that majority of Subject toppers across both Semester – 5 as well as Semester – 6 are the ones who got trained at Vipin Saboo Tutorials.


@ Others: Can’t Track No Such Awesomeness

In past as well as present, it’s almost impossible to track as good results as generated at Vipin Saboo Tutorials.



12. At VST: Sheer Consistency 

Highest marks ever scored in practical subjects in Semester – 5 and Semester – 6 are scored by VST students under Vipin Sir’s guidance. Further on, the students who score highest marks in semester – 5 are ought to remain consistent in semester – 6 because of the rigorous training undergone by them.


At Others: Inconsistent.

In other classes, inconsistency is such that the marks of students vary across semesters. They do generate toppers but in fewer subjects or in fewer semesters.



13. At VST: Organised Batch Timings

At Vipin Saboo Tutorials, there are almost no changes in pre-decided batch timings. Even if there are any changes, students are given timely notifications pertaining to changed batch timings.


At Others: Fragmented Batch Timings

At other classes, the schedules decided are not as per the students but as per the availability of faculty only. Such decisions lead to haphazard schedules and create disturbances in the regular studies of the student.



[Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are of the author and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views of]



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Devansh Thakker
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