9 Ways to Forget Your Ex Boyfriend / Girlfriend


forget your ex

Relationships….It is very difficult to forget someone whom you have loved so much. But still nothing is impossible in world you can do everything you want “EVEN FORGET YOUR EX”. Being in a serious relation for a while and then facing problems and being separated is really a difficult thing. So here I come with 10 ways to forget your ex :

How to forget your ex completely

  1. Throw the things. Throw all the gifts and things which is being given by your ex, because if you will keep it, it will remind you of your ex. So better throw all the things and decide not to think about him/her.
  2. Delete all the photos and messages. It’s better to delete all his/her texts and photograph which will remind you of the memories you have shared. Delete everything related to that person.
  3. Hang out with friends. Go out with your best friends, enjoy a lot, do the things which will make you really very happy. Good friends are the one who will truly understand you and your feelings, they will never make fun of it or take it light make you really very happy. Good friends are the ones who will truly understand you and your feelings, they will never make fun of it or take it lightly the will help you out to come out from the breakup trauma.
  4. Bad name. Call your ex with a bad name which you hates the most, give him a worst name. This is quite funny but it really works.
  5. Share your heart. Expressing is very good. You should always share your heart with someone close to you this will surely make you feel very better. Share your heart out never keep something in your heart for long always be expressive, express your feelings to someone close.
  6. Keep yourself busy. Keep yourself very busy, do the things which you like to do the most. When you will keep yourself busy mind will be engaged in some productive thing and it will never think about the person or make you feel that you’re missing your ex.
  7. Assert yourself. Concentrate on yourself more. Make yourself feel good and presentable. Take care of yourself, dress up more properly, and look very good.
  8. Meet new people. Go out meet new people, make new friends’ hangout with them you will meet much better people who will truly deserve you and your company.
  9. No matter what love yourself. It is very important for everyone to love themselves first. If you can’t love yourself you can never ever fall for anybody. Respect yourself first and then expects anybody else to respect you. Don’t ever get influenced by anything JUST BE YOURSELF ………that is more important and let the people love you the way you are. Never change yourself for anybody .keep smiling always ……. if things are going wrong have FAITH they will be fine one day……….. enjoy every bit of life good or bad………. let the people accepts you the way you are be good to everyone .. BEING A TEENAGER first arrange the things according to their priorities. Do that thing first which is more prior to you… LEARN whatever you can …make yourself strong enough to face the world. The life is not as easy as you think.it is difficult. Have trust in yourself there are ups and downs goods and bads, be strong enough to face everything alone. Be as if you don’t ever need anyone never rely on anybody there is no such thing called love. The most important thing is your career. This is the most important thing. Work on yourself, make yourself strong. NO MATTER HOW HARD THE SITUATIONS ARE LOVE YOURSELF…. <3


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