Kick Out Depression – 6 Awesome Ways To Get Happy :)


So now we are talking ! Let’s have a walk together … Tell me. What is it? Are you depressed? ”Yes”. Well we will walk through it. Depression they say is a dis-ease, that is a state of low mood and change in the sense of well being. It is not always a serious psychiatric disorder,it may also be a usual reaction to some disturbing life events like death,break ups,failure at work or school and so on.

It’s when you simply isolate yourself from the world feeling sad,hopeless,worthless,worried,hurt,irritable,empty,restless and what not. Depression not only drives you away from the world but people don’t like to be around sad people either. Depression just changes the way a person thinks.


There are hundreds of reasons to be depressed,I need not mention why,that is because if you are depressed you very well know why. It need not be a reaction to some event or mishap, one can go into depression by simply sitting alone and analyzing all the not so good things about his or her life. No one has a perfect life,they say they are depressed because they have been strong for too long.

There is nothing wrong about it,sadness is a totally natural emotional response to certain environmental stimuli. Approaching a counselor or doctor for depression makes one all the more sad and feeling diseased.

beauty girl cry

Depression is just a state of mind and one should definetly try to overcome it without any pills. You need to mind your mind and start treating yourself ! By treating I don’t mean the medical treatment.

It’s about treating yourself and ‘treat’ yourself generously.Because it’s time.Time to wake up from the shattered sleep that gave nightmares. Nothing lasts forever, and you are the most authorized and right person to make life beautiful for you and for others around you. YOU can bring a change, and YOU WILL.

So let’s start with these few things and start feeling all happy, positive, rejuvenated and alive all over again !

1) Get Sun Kissed:

Get out, don’t be a caveman. Try to see things as they really are. Simple little things,and appreciate nature. Expose yourself to the world,look at the creation and let the creation adore you.

sun kissed


2) DANCE:  Even if you can’t !

We are the most shameless when we are alone and we like it even better when we can see ourselves in the mirror acting all weird,hot,funny,sexy and embarrassing. So put on some music,any music you like. Dance like a crazy person or do a lip sing and let the trees outside be your audience. Remember, NO ONE does it like YOU DO ! So get into the rock star mode.



3) Watch Your Thinking :

You very well know why it makes you angry or what makes you angry. Stop it ! I know it takes work and patience to stop, but stop dwelling over the negatives, and build a habit of reacting positively and calmly to things and that will change your life for better. Don’t give yourself the luxury of a negative thought.

self-help graphic


4) Watch a Movie:

Watch a movie that once made you happy or watch a new movie. It can be anything, funny,adventurous,thrilling,horror or romantic. Choose a genre that you think gets you all excited. Avoid a romantic movie if you know you are going to miss someone.

woman at the cinema


5) Get Healthy:

If you are hot then great,and if you are not,then why not ! Start some yoga or dance or gym and get in shape, for it takes a lot of dedication and changes your thought process. This might be one of the best ways to divert your mind. It is scientifically proven that working out makes one happy.



6) And Then when you think it’s Time , SOCIALIZE !

Put yourself into an unisolated situation or place. Once you are happy about yourself and with yourself ,you should complete that happiness by getting other people around. If you are not in talking terms with your old friends for a genuine reason then don’t forget, no matter what age you are, there are millions of people out there. Meet them, friend them, learn, grow, have fun and LIVE !!!  


Pranchal Joshi.

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