5 Symptoms That Will Help You Identify Malaria Immediately


With the cool breeze and lush greenery comes some of the diseases that need your attention. Yes! Malaria… the most common disease during the rainy season. The stagnant water that gets collected in potholes, ponds , near streams and river; provide the perfect breeding atmosphere for mosquitoes.


Malaria is caused by a parasite and is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. Once inside the human body, these parasites multiply in the liver and infect the red blood cells. Normally, people get Malaria by being bitten by an infective female Anopheles mosquito. And since the malaria parasite is found in the red blood cells of an infected person, it can be transmitted because of blood transfusion or same syringe usage. Malaria can also be transferred from a mother to her unborn child (congenitally). 

The symptoms typically begin after 10 days and can take up to few weeks to show up after being bitten by the infected mosquito. The most common symptoms or a combination of these symptoms may occur during Malaria:

1) Fever-
Elevated body temperature is the most common symptom.


2) Chills-

Chills or shivering refers to feeling cold. Caused by rapid muscle contraction and relaxation, chills are an important symptom of Malaria.


In today’s world headache due to stress is normal (yet you need to take care), but if you have a combination of headache with fever, it is better you check with your doctor.



An uneasy feeling in your stomach? Feeling an urge to vomit?  Maybe you need to see your doctor. Soon.



Feeling exhausted even after doing just the slightest of work, drained out of energy . It might be a signal to you that something is not so right.


Stay away from stagnant waters and try to keep a clean environment to keep such diseases at bay.
Stay Protected.

-Harshali Amin

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