4 Real Harsh Truths That Teenagers Need To Know About Relationships



When we enter teenage, this is the time we develop new likes- we no more like dolls or cars to play with. At the same time many teenagers’ interest shift from studies and play to something else. This something else is nothing else but the attraction towards the opposite sex or nowadays even the same sex. It is more appropriately known as infatuation which happens due to hormonal changes both in the girl and a guy.

  Many teenagers during this period of infatuation start day dreaming, loose interest in studies; you find some constantly smiling without any reason. This is all are general signs among teenagers when they develop like for somebody.

  Teenage is considered to be the most delicate and dangerous period in a child’s growth. As a child may become a good or a bad person depending upon their Companionship. Apart from companionship, parents today are worried about much more serious issues that are “Relationships” which is a growing trend among school students. As many kids end up doing wrong things due to their craze which we can’t call Love at least.

 The example to a teenage love or relationship is the movie ‘Tere Sang’ which was an eye opener to the Kids who watched the film and created awareness among many parents who were not aware about Relationship among Kids and also teaching the parents to tackle the entire thing very delicately without being harsh. The movie is therefore also called a KID-ADULT LOVE STORY emphasizing that it is a teenage relationship.


  Teenagers fall in love at such a delicate age. Can we call it LOVE? Do the teenagers at their age even know what exactly Relationship is? Here are certain things that teenagers ought to know about Relationship.


  • Relationship is not a fairytale

As most children grow watching fairytales and Barbie Movies, but the Teenagers should know Reality is much more different. Relationships are no fairytale stories where a Prince comes for you from somewhere and gets married and takes you and you live happily ever after. There is nothing such that happens in real life. Relationship means much more than saying BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. It involves understanding, respect, love and care.


  • Relationship is not just saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

One got to realize that just by saying I LOVE YOU it doesn’t mean he/she really loves you. When you say those magical words one means it whole heartedly, along with the promise that you will be for the person in all good and bad times and understand the person. Teenagers, are you ready for such a promise?


  • Relationship means to adjust

In relationship the two people have to adjust to everything. You got to manage your times so that you can give enough time for both family and friends. You need to learn to manage everything together. You got to be supportive to each other, understand each other’s feelings and adjust for each other which comes with understanding. When you can’t adjust with changes in your school timings, a little extra time in school? Or a little less play time? Will you be able to the required adjustment in Relationship?


  • One got to stay in limits

In Relationship, it doesn’t mean you can do anything. Every wrong action has its own bad consequences. If you cross your limits you ought to spoil your name with your family, your career at times involving loss of life too.



So teens, Relationship is not a game nor a fashion whereby calling someone your girlfriend or boyfriend means that person is yours and you can do anything you like. Everything has a its own time and so does Relationship


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