13 Superb Tips To Crack 100 Marks TYBMS Project Viva Exams By Carl Unwala




1) Know your project very well

2) Avoid copy paste projects from others as you do not learn anything. And if the external examiner asks you any question relating to the project and you fumble then you lose marks

3) Prepare a small report or synopsis side by side so that it does not become difficult at the end

4) Use primary and secondary data

5) When you do any black book always get information from the company or the place you had gone like (pamphlets, brochures, leaflets) or something to show (proof) that you had gone….worse comes to worse a “Selfie” 😛

6) Always present yourself well during a presentation and don’t hesitate to answer any questions but say the truth.

7) Your black book should consist of around 60 – 80 pages (may vary) depending on the topic and subject matter related.

8) There is no particular sequence but if you want you can follow (certificate, declaration, acknowledgement table of contents) etc….each college or faculty may give something different but it does not matter, ultimately your project you have made matters

9) Be fully prepared with the project with primary data printed separately (as in some cases they ask)

10) Don’t look at anybody else’s work or book but look at your own project and concentrate on that.

11) You may use font size 14 and got sub – titles size 16… (May vary)

12) Use less colours and pictures as the examiner does not even open and scan the book to see what’s there….there may be 1% chances…this is because the examiners have no time to check as they have hundreds of students waiting in line

13) Golden embossing on the cover is necessary with university of Mumbai written…however in some cases it may be (optional)

By Carl Unwala (BMS Graduate 2013-14)

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