10 Outstanding Tips To Crack TYBMS Project Viva Exam By Yatin Patil


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Top 10 tips to crack TYBMS project viva :

  1. Before selecting the project topic, determine your area of interest and specialization which you are further looking for.
  2. Determine the objectives in order to find out why this particular topic? What is the future scope in such sectors?
  3. Work with your project guide in order to have best work.
  4. Make sure your project should have authentic information which will help you out to stand unique in crowd. Make sure you visit particular topic related industry, have a certificate for authentic information for black book.
  5. Be practical and spend maximum time with industrial personnel so that during the viva you don’t have to read your entire project.
  6. Make sure that you are copying minimum content from internet sites and always take care of authenticity of the information, because internet sites will not provide you always true information. So read, understand and present information in your own systematic way.
  7. Provide marketing research data, there should have combination of primary data (survey) and secondary data (literature review).
  8. Do not just provide overall scenario about topic but provide your own inputs and suggestions.
  9. On the Viva day, have formal attire and maintain professional etiquettes while interacting with external.
  10. Be confident while answering the questions; do not bluff if you don’t know the answer.


By YATIN PATIL (BMS Graduate 2012-13)


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