Ye Fixed Hai Boss!


Today when I woke up and was going through the newspaper I came across a headline stating “Spot Fixing in IPL” I was neither shocked nor flabbergasted, I knew it was happening and happening since long time. Today when this article came up, many news channels and newspapers and bloggers all across this Techie world started buzzing and started saying its bad, it’s unethical and Blaah..Blaah..stuff..
Now let me take you when did I came about the fixing stuff. It all started when I was partying along with my friends and suddenly we started discussing about the Cricket, as pure Indian would do on an occasion. We started discussing how Steven Smith fielded on the ground like a Superman, it was an amazing effort and how every match is so interesting and not so one sided. Than we started discussing about how good teams are ending losing a match which was so to be won. Then one of my good friend came up saying its FIXED bro. I didn’t get him initially, I started saying, “Fixed how can u say that, Players are brought to do this job to play hard and play fair”, to which he responded, that’s all money bro, when big money comes into the game, big things starts coming, and so does the big evils.
“Evils” what kind of evils? I said.
He said “Evils” the Bigger Dogs. The Politician, the Builders, the Underworld, and finally a common man. It’s all linked he said man.
I was very keen to know this how’s that linked and how’s that working in such a stringent world. He said, look bro ”Everybody wanna earn money, the fast, the more and much simpler ”. I still wasn’t getting him, money simpler, faster? I was still confused. He went on further to say,” look even I didn’t knew this. But when I went for watching a of match of MI vs. DD in Mumbai, a guy from the booking website was passing by and was helping us get the seat, and we started chatting about the odds and suddenly I asked him curiously who’s gonna win this match, he was initially quite ignorant about it. But he said it saying match gonna end before 15 overs and would be chasing around 100 runs.”
I asked him how did he came to know about this and how did that actually happened. My friend said “Even I asked him the same thing, after asking and eating his brain for 15 mins.” He answered “You know why Sachin is not the Captain for MI this time?”. My friend said” ya so that he can concentrate on batting’, to which that guy said “No, so that he should not gain any stains on his feather”. My friend was still confused and asked “That’s not what I am asking you, I am asking you how did you came to know about this?” The guy said “Look, people wanna earn money, the rich wanna get richer, and these games are played. People who treat cricket as religion do whatever to follow it and try to earn money out of it. Better’s the people who bet, take this IPL as a golden opportunity to earn money and starts investing money in every match, in some they win and in some they lose. But the interesting part is fixing, the Bookies who are directly connected to the Underworld, mafias and Politicians gives all their data’s to their Master’s.
The Master’s analyze the data and the sorts out people who are interested in betting on the team who has a upper hand, he than The Master bets on the opposite team, and then he fixes the match, and make the losing team a winning one or visa- versa”. He continued “how many times have you seen a match changing in its last 5 overs or after the strategic time out?, how many times?”. To which my friend said “Many a times, always”. The guy replied laughing “see this is the secret and a bit of common sense, to keep people interested in watching the game and make profit into this business the Masters play this game . From cheerleaders to support staff to the players the owners of TV channel to The Advertisers, To the Team owners everybody is interested in earning money.” He continued “If you wanna earn profit just watch the match closely and your common sense would let you win the match no matter whose bowling and who’s batting.” “Aisa Moka kaha Milega??”.” saying this that guy disappeared and the result surprisingly the match result turned out to be what he said.
And then me and my friends observed every match closely and I saw the match between MI and CSK if you look closely that after the 15th over of the second innings when MI was looking nowhere close to the total, and then after the strategic timeout the game changed and world class super bowler starts giving full tosses to a big hitter and the same thing happened in the matches played between RCB and all. No matter which team is playing and the best and the worst players they have the match is changed in timeouts.
In this country where from childhood people are brought up to believe in blind faith and a religion like cricket is blindly followed, the people involved in cricket are the Baba’s who rule this as like our religion is been ruled.

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Ankit Merchant
Hey guys my name in Ankit Pranay Merchant currently have just entered into T.Y.B.M.S of Thakur College. I am a fun loving guy who likes to hang out with friends. I love challenges and winning them. I like reading, writing and listening music.


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