1. Make or join a group with like – minded people whom you think you can share a good friendship with. This will also help you in making presentations and assignments together.
  2. Develop a good friendship with your seniors as you can look up to them in case of any doubts. They can also provide you with their textbooks or any other course material in case you need them. Also, share a good rapport with all the professors and most importantly, your Co-ordinator, because you are going to need their assistance for the next three years of your life. They can also help you personally if you develop a friendly relation with them.
  3. Enjoy your FY thoroughly because you won’t get much time in SY or TY like you get in FY to hang out with friends. Do not miss your IV as it is a great opportunity to learn new things and also to enjoy with your friends.
  4. Participate in all college activities, especially the various festivals in other colleges. This will help you to increase your contacts which in turn, can be of your help n the future. Participating in college festivals also helps you to know what the latest trends in outside world are. Also, do study regularly. We all have a tendency to neglect studies in FY as it is entirely a new life for us. The thought of entering a ‘Degree College’ makes us feel on top of the world. But, regular studies are very important in FY.



  1. Do not fall into bad company. Make sure you are with people who are focused on their careers and not deviated from the right track.
  2. Do not make a bad impression of yourself in the eyes of the professors.
  3. Avoid being ragged by your seniors. Generally, ragging doesn’t take place nowadays especially in reputed colleges, but it does take place in not-so-good colleges. It can be either done physically or mentally. If someone tries to rag you, bring this issue to your Co-ordinator or principal immediately.
  4. Do not share a bad rapport with any of your seniors. Even if you don’t like a person, don’t speak about it to anyone. Discuss it with your Co-ordinator if he/she tries to harass you. But do not confront yourself.


“You are known by the company you keep.” This holds true even in college life. The friends you make in FY are those which will remain with you until TY. So make sure you chose the right friends who are serious about their future. And do study regularly. It helps a lot during your exams. 

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