Workaholics: Professionals or Diseased?


“What is this life so full of care?


If we don’t have time to stand and stare”


These lines taken from the poem written by William H Davies, give the very essence of what I am going to present before you all. Work holism as we all know is a certain addiction to working for long hours and has become prevalent in most parts of our country recently.

With the growing urbanization and increase in technology, the world today has become a hotspot for stress, pressure and cut throat competition. Our lives have become so hectic and fast paced that we don’t even have time to stop and introspect or reflect upon what we are doing to ourselves.

People turn into workaholics for many reasons, some of which maybe to distract themselves from there otherwise painful happenings or memories or to escape from a painful past. Some people are very cynical towards their environment because of something that perhaps happened to them in their past and as a result, feel lonely and depressed and immerse themselves in their work. Furthermore, some people may just be very money minded and their cravings for success may turn them into workaholics. Also, others may just have had such an upbringing where they are adjusted to constant working. But we should know that whatever the reason maybe, being a workaholic isn’t the art of living one’s life.

It is a very pessimistic approach towards dealing with ones issues because the effects that occur due to such work holism are ugly and fatal. Such kind of sheer stress and pressure is obligated to first affect one’s health severely…both mentally and physically. A person is usually very moody and paranoid in most situations and gets irritated and annoyed without reason. Such sort of behavior is repellent to the people around and hence one becomes an antisocial and lonely being which leads to further depression.

If we pull up the stats, about 1 lakh people die due to suicides in India and out of those 69% are mainly due to stress and depression. It is such a dangerous scenario that turning a blind eye to it isn’t going to help our country.

We all are at an age where we are thinking about our lives, our future and our career. We all want good jobs and success. But we should all know that too much of anything is always fatal and hence we should take small steps to prevent ourselves from turning into work addicts. Adapting an optimistic behavior is the first and foremost thing one can do.

Yes! I do agree that life isn’t always about rainbows and unicorns but staying positive helps us survive in tough times. Developing hobbies can also help in the productive utilization of time when one isn’t working and needs to refresh the mind.

Going out on vacations, taking some time off for oneself, interacting with people, making new friends and basically coming out of the monotonous lifestyle is what will help overcome or for that matter even prevent from turning into a work machine. Hence, we should all break free and come out of our shells. Only then in our lives do we achieve what is called “true success”.

– Anwesha Rath.

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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to [email protected]

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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to [email protected]


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